Saturday, October 1, 2016
Feature young-man-saves-the-day

Young man saves the day

Cheten Duphu, Monggar

Sep 13 2016

From many who helped contain the fire in Monggar town, last month, a young man emerged as the brave one.

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Understanding symptoms of suicide

Kiphu, Thimphu

Sep 9 2016

People fail to understand the warning signs of a suicidal person.

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Requiem for dying songs

Requiem for dying songs

Changa Dorji, Thimphu

Sep 6 2016

In the days of yore, when Bhutan was in isolation, once a while, soulful songs would cut through the ubiquitous cries of birds, bees, and wild animals.

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Dying art of blacksmithing

Dying art of blacksmithing

Yeshey Gyeltshen, Paro

Aug 13 2016

The art of blacksmithing is a dying profession in the country. In Paro, the valley of Wochu was once famous for making swords, has only three blacksmiths.

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Other Stories

Monk plants thousands of trees

monk-plants-thousands-of-trees Sep 29 2016

A 51-year-old monk of Phongmed in Trashigang has planted more than 5,500 trees, transforming the entire landscape in his community.

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Gup-elects of the second LG elections

gup-elects-of-the-second-lg-elections Sep 27 2016

Bhutan went to the polls today to elect the local leaders. We have the provisional name list of the gup-elects.

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Karma Sherab Thobgyal is the SJ Thrompon-elect

karma-sherab-thobgyal-is-the-sj-thrompon-elect Sep 27 2016

Going by this evening’s provisional vote count of Thromde Election in Samdrup Jongkhar, Karma Sherab Thobgyal secured majority votes.

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Bhutan to elect local leaders tomorrow

bhutan-to-elect-local-leaders-tomorrow Sep 26 2016

Bhutan will go to polls to elect the grassroots leaders, tomorrow. A total of 616 Gup candidates and 654 Mangmi candidates will be contesting in the second Local Government Elections.

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BFF grooms women footballers

bff-grooms-women-footballers Sep 26 2016

Bhutan could see competent women football players for the National Women’s football Team in 10 years from now.

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Sunday, October 2 (1st Day of 8th Bhutanese Month)
GOOD DAY TOPerform annual rituals only.
NOT A GOOD DAY TOStart new business, enter into new house, shift house, hold important discussion, marry and venture on a long journey.
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For October 2

Max: 26
Min: 13

Max: 22
Min: 14
Time of sunrise & sunset

Sunrise: 5:55am
Sunset: 5:46pm
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