Monday, September 26, 2022
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Towards conserving orchid species

Bhutanese households across the country will soon be able to start orchid farming and enhance livelihoods. The agriculture ministry will start providing orchid seedlings from an orchid micro-propagation laboratory at Serbithang in Thimphu. The lab was inaugurated today.

Cross-border malaria transmission still a challenge

The country continues to report imported malaria cases every year. Cross-border malaria transmission posed a considerable threat to malaria elimination and prevention. To address the issue, an Indo-Bhutan cross-border malaria elimination meeting was held in Sarpang recently.

Farmers unable to market farm produce – Paro

Farmers of Lingzhi chiwog at Naja Gewog in Paro are struggling to find a market for their farm produce since the pandemic hit the country. Today, they are feeding the vegetables to their cattle as they could not sell them.

Bhutan’s national butterfly spotted in Trashigang for the first time

In what might come as a source of tourist attraction, Bhutan’s national butterfly can now be sighted in Trashigang. A Bhutanese bird watcher and photographer spotted the butterfly for the first time at the Shoskum hill area between Khentongmani and Khaling Gewogs.

Need for artificial turf football ground in Pema Gatshel

Turf culture has been popular for some years in cities overseas, as well as in the country. While most of the districts in the country now have artificial turf football grounds, Pema Gatshel still lacks the facility.

A man on mission to fill potholes in Chaskhar Gewog

Being inspired by the spirit of volunteerism, a 37-year-old man has come forward to fill potholes of the eleven-kilometre Gewog Centre road in Chaskhar under Monggar district. He embarked on the mission last weekend. And within two days, he was able to fill potholes of nearly nine kilometres of the stretch.
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For the love of pounding metal- the blacksmith of Tsendagang in Dagana

The social stigma surrounding blacksmithing art is one of the main reasons blacksmiths switch to a different profession. But this is not the case with Janga Lal Biswa from Tsendagang Gewog in Dagana. After serving in the army, and later as a labour supervisor he returned to pounding metal to live the rest of his life doing what he loves most.  

From nothing to everything and more- A farmer’s story

From herding cattle for others to owning a million-ngultrum-profit generating farm, San Man Subba in Tsirang saw success the hard way. Today, his farm is a mini version of children's old Mac Donald farm, with various livestock and vegetables of all kinds. Riding on this success, he is now considering running his farm on biogas.