Saturday, August 27, 2016
Feature Dying art of blacksmithing

Dying art of blacksmithing

Yeshey Gyeltshen, Paro

Aug 13 2016

The art of blacksmithing is a dying profession in the country. In Paro, the valley of Wochu was once famous for making swords, has only three blacksmiths.

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Locals in Paro pick up mushroom farming-

Locals in Paro pick up mushroom farming

Yeshi Gyeltshen, Paro

May 19 2016

Mushrooms, to some extent, are a dangerous delicacy. People have died for a good mushroom meal; some after consuming poisonous wild mushrooms and some from wild animals attack while mushroom-hunting.

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New technique to keep elephants at bay-

New technique to keep elephants at bay

Sonam Phuntsho, Samtse

May 13 2016

After electric fencing failed to keep one of the most intelligent animals at bay in what is considered elephants’ hotspot conflict zone, a time had come for a new technique.

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Bhutan trains custodian of Xylography-

Bhutan trains custodian of Xylography

Passang, Thimphu

May 12 2016

Ten monks of Dechenphodrang Monastic School in Thimphu are undergoing a training to preserve one of Bhutan’s oldest art form of engraving letters on wooden blocks. They are the first group to undergo a six-month structured training in Xylography.

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Other Stories

Thimphu Thromde receives 11 garbage trucks

Thimphu Thromde receives 11 garbage trucks- Aug 26 2016

Thimphu Thormde received 11 garbage trucks. today. The Government of India funded the trucks costing Nu 2 M each.

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Four sentenced for burglary

Aug 26 2016

Thimphu District Court sentenced four men to non-compoundable imprisonment ranging from two and a half to eight years for a burglary case.

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Pledge to donate eyes yet to pick up

Pledge to donate eyes yet to pick up- Aug 26 2016

Not a single Bhutanese has received eye donation even though the hospital has recorded over 300 people in need of cornea transplantation.

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Trashigang harvests first batch of Hazelnuts

Trashigang harvests first batch of Hazelnuts Aug 26 2016

Hazelnuts were harvested for the first time in Trashigang. The recent harvest, initiated by Mountain Hazelnuts, is to test the quality and conduct research as venturing into overseas market is inching closer.

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Election body upholds Kipse Constituency’s Zomdu result

Election body upholds Kipse Constituency’s Zomdu result- Aug 25 2016

Samdrup Jongkhar’s Election Dispute Settlement Body said the nomination result for Thrompon candidate of Kipse Constituency cannot be nullified.

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Rules forbid civil servants from operating taxis, RCSC says

Rules forbid civil servants from operating taxis, RCSC says- Aug 25 2016

The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) said civil servants are not allowed to drive taxis.

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