Friday, October 24, 2014
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Rats on the rampage in Goshing

Pema Samdrup, Zhemgang

Oct 22 2014

An army of rats is eating away paddy in Lamtang village of Goshing Gewog in Zhemgang. The swarm of rodents attacks the paddy fields almost every day. If this continues, the farmers fear, they would be pushed back into poverty.

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A porter’s fear of losing his source of income

Namgay Wangchuk, Thimphu

Oct 20 2014

When there are no roads, horses become priceless. And that is the main reason why every household in Tsento gewog in Paro owns at least eight horses. Many people in the geowg are into porter business. It is their alternative source of income.

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A price to pay for development

Kinzang Thinley, Wangdue Phodrang

Oct 14 2014

The villagers of Lul in Wangdue Phodrang had decided to take the matters into their own hand. They knew development would continue to elude them, if they decide not to act.

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Chillies, the main source of revenue in Kangpar

Chechey, Kanglung

Oct 9 2014

At first glance, the rooftops of houses in Kangpar Gewog under Trashigang, appear like they have been painted red. But on a closer look, you will realise, it is chillies spread on the rooftops to be sun-dried.

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Festival of Lhuentse losing its luster

Kuenga Tashi, Monggar

Oct 7 2014

Ha, one of the biggest festivals in Kharshong under Lhuentse, is at a crucial juncture. It could either continue to be the biggest festival or it could cease to be. Its fate lies entirely in the hand of a man- the lead performer.

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Other Stories

Phuentshogling BAFRA seizes frozen items

FrozenGoodsSeized-BAFRA Oct 24 2014

The Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) officials in Phuentshogling seized and disposed frozen chicken items, prawns and expired noodles worth over Nu.150,000.

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Man convicted for illicit relationship with a minor

Oct 24 2014

Punakha District Court convicted a 34-year-old man to nine years imprisonment for having an illicit relationship with a 14-year-old girl.

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Glaciers receding in Bhutan

Glaciers receding in Bhutan- Oct 23 2014

Glaciers are indicators of temperature changes, with their advances and retreats, bearing geological evidence of climatic change.

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Bhutan Street View launched on Google maps

GoogleStreetMap Oct 23 2014

Bhutan launched its first ever Street View on the Google maps, today. Apart from many advantages, the Bhutan Street View will enable people to search for places in the country for business and tours, as well.

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RCSC rejects JAB’s appeal to reconsider Needrup Zangpo’s case

Oct 23 2014

(Update): The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) rejected the Journalist Association Bhutan’s written appeal to reconsider Needrup Zangpo’s case on his appointment to the post of Media attaché at the Prime Minister’s Office.

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Police officer sentenced for accepting bribe

PlingDungkhagCourt Oct 22 2014

The Phuentshogling Dungkhag Court sentenced the traffic police officer, Karma, for three years imprisonment for accepting bribe and misusing Traffic Infringement Notice.

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Murder suspect found dead

Murder suspect found dead-Tsirang Oct 22 2014

(Update): The Tsirang police say the 25-year-old murder suspect, who went missing since August 29 from Tongsingnang, could have died by suicide.

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  • Oct 22 2014

    BAFRA officials in Punakha seized expired goods worth Nu.95, 000, today. The officials had seized the goods from Khuruthang and Punakha, during inspection, which they usually carry out. The seized consignment was taken to Wangdue Phodrang’s Bafra biological pit to be disposed off since biological pit in Punakha is already full.

  • Oct 20 2014

    The 43rd National Open Tennis Championship is under way in Thimphu. Total of 58 participants, including eight women, are taking part in the championship. It is organised by Bhutan Tennis Federation. The finals will be played on Sunday.

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