Friday, November 27, 2015
Feature FishLadder-

Fish ladder to lower negative impact on aquatic life

Pema Namgay, Trashigang

Nov 16 2015

Although, hydropower projects in the country are the main driving force behind the country’s economy growth, its impact on environment, particularly on aquatic life, has always been a concern.

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Students in Trashigang hope to beat world record, solving Rubik’s cube

Pema Namgay, Kanglung

Oct 27 2015

Rubik’s cube, a puzzle solving game is the latest fad among students in Trashigang Middle Secondary School. The puzzle game became popular after a video of two students solving the puzzle cube became popular on social media site Facebook.

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Feral dogs attack livestock in Lunana

Feral dogs attack livestock in Lunana

Sonam Penjor, Thimphu

Oct 26 2015

Dogs may not necessarily be men’s best friend, at least in the highlands of Lunana. Feral dogs, mostly breeds of Tibetan Mastiffs have been wrecking havoc by attacking yaks.

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Polyandry on the decline

Pema Namgay

Aug 31 2015

The practice of Polyandry marriage, among women in Merak and Sakten Gewogs under Trashigang District, is sharply declining, with youth refusing to accept the age-old practice. Polyandry is a practice of a woman having more than one husband at the same time.

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Other Stories

Man allegedly murdered in Phuentshogling

Nov 26 2015

A 51-year-old salesman of a clothing store Phuentshogling town was allegedly murdered inside the store. The man, of Indian origin, suffered multiple stab wounds on his throat, according to Phuentshogling police.

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Parliamentarians fail to finalise Pema Gatshel’s Thromdes

JointSitting-Thromdes-PGatshelandParo- Nov 25 2015

After the parliament’s joint sitting failed to finalise a Dzongkhag Thromde and Yenlag Thromde for Pema Gatshel and Yenlag Thromde for Paro, they decided to form a Special Joint Committee, today. The parliamentarians decided on the committee to stop the endorsement from failing again.

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More than 700 walk in support of Orange YOUR Neighbourhood

More than 700 walk in support of Orange YOUR Neighbourhood- Nov 25 2015

More than 700 participants walked more than 13 kilometres, from Parizampa till Clock tower in Thimphu, to show support for elimination of violence against women. The event was part of International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women.

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Enhancing border security

Enhancing border security- Nov 25 2015

Better Coordinated Border Management is the solution to enhancing border security whilst improving trade facilitation, according to the Department of Revenue and Customs. At present, coordination among regulating agencies is minimal. To address this, a four-day workshop on ‘Coordinated Border Management and Single Window’ is being held in Paro.

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PM meets Ambassador of Germany

PM meets Ambassador of Germany Nov 25 2015

The Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay met Germany’s Ambassador, Dr. Martin Ney, this afternoon. The Ambassador’s wife, Dr. Gabriele Ney, and Counselor for Political and Protocol Affairs for German Embassy in New Delhi, Carola Bruhn, had accompanied the Ambassador.

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Life is all but a rainbow (Pic: Pawo Choyning Dorji)It is harvest time in Bhutan (Pic: Pawo Choyning Dorji)Angay Gyem of Namselling at work (Pic: Pawo Choyning Dorji)Lush green paddy fields turn into a sea of gold (Pic: Pawo Choyning Dorji)Offerings of infinite lamps to the tiger\'s nest (Pic: Pawo Choyning Dorji)Corn is essential to our lives in Bhutan (Pic: Pawo Choyning Dorji)It\'s all about corns in Rongthung, Trashigang (Pic: Pawo Choyning Dorji)The old lady with coin necklace (Pic: Pawo Choyning Dorji)Buddhism is deep rooted in our culture (Pic: Pawo Choyning Dorji)Southern fogs blow through the Singye Dzong valley (Pic: Pawo Choyning Dorji)A foggy rainy dawn in Singye Dzong (Pic: Pawo Choyning Dorji)Smile of the seven-year-old yak herder (Pic: Pawo Choyning Dorji)


Friday, November 27 (17th Day of 10th Bhutanese Month)
GOOD DAY TOPerform construct religious monuments, consecrate a house, propitiate gods and deities, do Chagu, enter into new house, learn astrology, hold celebration, handing-taking over offices, give promotion, start new business, roof house, shift house, hold important discussions, give name to place and villages, sow seeds, plant plants and flowers.
NOT A GOOD DAY TOMarry, do charity work in the name of the deceased and sell land.
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Max: 20
Min: 4
Time of sunrise & sunset

Sunrise: 6:31am
Sunset: 5:07pm
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For November 27
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US Dollar Buy rate for denominations 50 and below59.00-
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Canadian Dollar49.2550.65
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