Monday, May 29, 2023
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Breaking Barriers; Inclusive WASH facilities to empower girls with disabilities

In a significant step towards promoting inclusivity and menstrual hygiene management, Red Dot Bhutan in collaboration with various partners celebrated the inauguration of eight inclusive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) facilities in the country. At Khuruthang Middle Secondary School in Punakha, an inclusive toilet was unveiled marking this year’s Menstrual Hygiene Day.

Private employees accuse employers of not joining PF scheme despite deductions

Despite the erstwhile Labour Ministry making it mandatory for all private companies to join the provident fund or PF scheme with an authorised financial institution last year, some private employees allege their employers of not having joined the scheme. This is despite their companies deducting five per cent of their salary for supposed contributions to the scheme. In the last five years, authorities registered 110 cases related to non-payment of post-retirement benefits from which 39 had to be forwarded to the court.

Drug Testing for professional drivers to ensure safety of road users

Starting Tuesday, professional driving license holders and commercial drivers will be required to undergo drug tests. The test is a collaborative effort between the Royal Bhutan Police and the Bhutan Construction and Transport Authority. According to a news release from the National Drug Task Force issued this morning, the initiative aims to address behavioural and mental health disorders triggered by substance use and provide effective treatment and care for those who need it. As stated in the news release, the drivers will be contacted and required to report to the nearest Drug Testing Center. However, drivers who voluntarily admit to drug use will be referred to the nearest treatment centres without the need for drug tests. There are plans to expand the screening and timely interventions to include civil servants, corporate and private employees and armed force personnel among others.

From tour guide to poultry owner: Cheki’s journey in broiler farming

In Pema Gatshel, a former tour guide has discovered a new passion and purpose as the owner of a broiler chicken farm at Durungri of Dungmin Gewog. With 500 chicks initially bought with the help of the Big-Ticket Project, he set out to not only create employment opportunities but also contribute to import substitution.

Toedtsho Gewog without agriculture extension supervisor for almost two years

The farmers of Toedtsho Gewog in Trashi Yangtse have been without an agriculture extension supervisor for almost two years now. Without a dedicated official, besides the farmers, the gewog office is also facing difficulties in planning and implementing agriculture-related development activities. Though Khamdang Gewog’s agriculture Extension supervisor has been temporarily monitoring activities in Toedtsho Gewog, farmers say they still face inconveniences.

Bamboos planted to mitigate landslide risks on Rinchending Monastery- Phuentshogling

With the approach of monsoon season, the Phuentshogling Dungkhag and Thromde officials are looking at preventive measures for landslides. Today the officials along with volunteers planted over three thousand bamboo saplings in about three acres of the area below the Rinchending Monastery.
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Nazhoen Lamtoen eases divorcee mother of three of her financial burden-Zhemgang

For 33-year-old Sangay Pema and her three daughters who live in Zhemgang, rough days are behind them. Thanks to Nazhoen Lamtoen’s “Building Social Protection for the Vulnerable Children” project, the family has been sustaining themselves from the grocery shop the CSO opened for them three years ago. Sangay got married as a teenager, but the marriage was short-lived. She then had to live with her three daughters in a small house, fending for the family all by herself.

A day in the life of a woman city bus driver

Being a bus driver is a challenging and demanding job. From maintaining the safety of both drivers and passengers to having good driving skills and being physically fit, there is a lot to do. Women, in particular, may face more challenges as bus drivers due to gender stereotypes, safety concerns, and maintaining a work-life balance. But breaking all these barriers, seven women in Thimphu chose to become city bus drivers. In this story, we will look at the life of Ugyen Lhaden, one of the new city bus drivers in Thimphu.

Roundabouts and its benefits