Monday, March 27, 2023
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2023 National Council Elections to be the costliest NC elections to date

With a proposed budget of around Nu 260 M, the fourth National Council or NC elections will be the most expensive NC election to date. This is despite the Election Commission of Bhutan or the ECB taking various cost-cutting measures. The state already spent around Nu 13.3 M in campaign funds for the candidates.

Gungring, a Model Organic Village thriving

After five years of venturing into complete organic farming, Gungring village of Chhuzom Gewog in Sarpang is on the right track. In 2018, the Department of Agriculture identified the village as a Model Organic Village to improve the livelihood of people through crop diversification and income generation.

Practice of producing nettle yarn helps people make income – Lauri Gewog

Nettle plant has traditionally been used to make ropes, jackets, bags and blankets among others. The practice of making yarns from nettle plants lost its popularity in many parts of the country after cotton became easily available. But in Lauri Gewog of Samdrup Jongkhar, people are not only keeping the tradition of producing nettle yarn alive but also making a good income from its sale.

Buli lake boosts homestay business – Zhemgang

Besides the religious and spiritual significance, Buli lake is an asset to the people of Buli in Nangkor Gewog of Zhemgang. Homestay, which is a relatively new concept in the village is fast becoming a lucrative business as an increasing number of pilgrims from across the country visit the sacred Buli Moenmo lake.  

RCSC allows candidates from outside civil service to apply for executive positions

The Royal Civil Service Commission has announced a major policy change regarding the selection of executives. According to a notification issued yesterday, candidates from the specialist category and outside the civil service and can now apply for civil service executive positions.

Rural construction approval process time-consuming and inconvenient

Local leaders in Samtse and Sarpang are calling for a change in the current construction approval process in rural areas. One of the new rules requires converting dry land into residential land to get construction approval in rural areas. During the recent Dzongkhag Tshogdus in the two districts, local leaders said the process is time-consuming and inconvenient.
Tuesday, March 28 (7th of 2nd Bhutanese Month)
Good Day
To make regular offerings only
Bad Day To appoint to new post, enter new house, start new business, hold good discussion, hand and take over office, approach higher authority, start education, hoist prayer flags, marry and celebrate.
Rest of the week
March 28th
Other Districts

Max: 18
Min: 4

Max: 17
Min: 5

Max: 21
Min: 12

Max: 14
Min: 2

Chithuen Phendhey members prostrate Changchag from Kyidchhu to Taktshang

To mark the 43rd birthday of His Majesty the King, 43 members of the Chithuen Phendhey Association went from the Paro Kyidchhu Lhakhang till Taktshang doing ChangChag or prostration. The two-day programme which began yesterday, ended today with a Tshogkor and thousand-butter lamp offering.

Paro’s Shaba Town calls for town planning urgency

Residents in Shaba Denkha peri-urban settlement along the Paro-Thimphu highway say it is about time a proper town planning is carried out for the place. Without streetlights, CCTV cameras and proper parking spaces among others, people say they are facing inconveniences. Meanwhile, they also claim crimes and car accidents are on the rise in the locality over the years.

Roundabouts and its benefits