Bhutanese embrace online content creation trend

With social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube easily accessible in the country, vlogs or video blogs creation is becoming a trend in the country. An increasing number of Bhutanese are now into online content creation. Although such contents are mostly for expressing themselves and for entertainment, vlogging has become a lucrative and steady source of income for some of them.

Some vlogs created by Bhutanese documenting daily life, travel experiences, comedy sketches, cooking tutorials and dance challenges have garnered millions of views online. Through these videos, some content creators have been able to generate income.

One of them is 23-year-old, Rinchen Lham. She initially started with a video of His Majesty’s Birthday celebration on YouTube last year and about a thousand people viewed the video. She then started creating videos on various content and uploading them online. For Rinchen, it is a platform to express herself and to document her life for the future.

Like her, there are hundreds of vloggers with YouTube channels in the country today.

Tenzin Yangchen, a vlogger says, “I make videos for YouTube solely for fun.  I have been lucky enough to monetise my channel. It has been six months since I received my first paycheck from YouTube. I have been making a steady income of Nu 10,000 each month”

“As a student, I benefit from creating content during vacation. I can make a certain amount through the videos which helps me with my expenses when I return to college. I do vlogging and narrate my daily activities. It is also convenient for me,” says another vlogger, Jigme Thukten.

Most consumers say the videos are informative, inspiring, engaging and entertaining.

Sangay Pema Eden, a student says, “I watch vlogs because they teach me how to live my life. It entertains me when I am bored at home and when I have nothing to do. I love a vlogger named Tashi. She teaches us how to clean our homes. I love her content.”

“I mostly watch Denkars Getaway. Her contents give me an insight into our history and they inspire me to be like her,” said Karma Lham, a student.

But for a few others, overwhelming online content may mislead people and they have to be monitored.

“With the proliferation of smartphones and technology, many people are taking up vlogging. If it’s a source to sustain life it is a good thing. However, from my perspective some people seem to be misusing the platforms,” says Kinzang Gyeltshen, a resident of Thimphu.

Despite the growing craze among young minds in creating vlogs, there are also challenges associated with monitising their channels. This is because international payment systems such as PayPal are not accessible in Bhutan. Most Bhutanese online content creators use Google AdSense to monetise their YouTube channels.

While the landscape of content creation may evolve, and specific trends may come and go, young content creators say the concept of creating and sharing content in various forms is here to stay.

Sonam Yuden

Edited by Sangay Chezom

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