Saturday, May 8, 2021

Single mom living with three disabled children

Mar 17, 2021

She may be on the brink of collapse but as a mother, every time, as long as she can, she is willing to confront the challenges with renewed energy. This is how the everyday story of Purkey Rai in Dekiling gewog of Sarpang unfurls. She is a single parent looking after three sons, all of whom are physically challenged. 

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A graduate in farm inspires farmers

Jan 10, 2021

For many, looking for a job is becoming a secondary option now. As the country records increasing youth going back to their village to work in farms, a young graduate in Zhemgang steals the attention of many, this time.

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No restriction for innovation, a youth builds drone during lockdown

Jan 5, 2021

For average people, lockdown is all about quality time with family, reading, watching movies and writing, but not for 23-year-old Sangay Dorji. Confined within the four walls of his home, innovation took the reins of his life during the lockdown. The young resident of Thimphu has managed to build a drone.

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A university graduate pursuing her passion in weaving

Nov 17, 2020

These days, the stories of university graduates breaking stereotypes and setting trends in the country are becoming more common. And among them is the story of Tashi Lhamo who believes the traditional art of textile weaving is not limited to housewives or illiterates as believed to be in the past. Pursuing her passion, she is undergoing weaving training at the Royal Textile Academy and in the history of the Academy, is the first university graduate to participate in such a program. 

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Other Stories

Irrigation channel in Tangsibji restored, Trongsa

May 8, 2021

The villagers of Tangsibji chiwog in Trongsa will no longer have to struggle for irrigation water, unlike the past few years. The irrigation channel was damaged due to the debris from the construction of the dump yard of the Adit-3 tunnel of the Nikahchhu Hydropower Project a few years ago. With the season for paddy transplantation right at the door, farmers are elated as the restoration works of the irrigation channel are complete.

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Samdrup Jongkhar town goes under lockdown for three days

May 7, 2021

Samdrup Jongkhar town is under complete lockdown for at least three days following the detection of a COVID-19 positive case from the community. A policeman deployed at the police station in the town tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this morning. 

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A Bhutanese spends nearly 3 hours on social media every day, says study

May 7, 2021

While using social media provides users with an avenue to many opportunities, the number of hours spent on various social media platforms has become a concern in Bhutan. According to a recent study conducted by Bhutan Media Foundation (BMF), over 90 % of the respondents spend nearly 3 hours on social media every day. That is more than the global average of over 2 hours.

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Villagers confused as crematorium project kept on halt, Bumthang

May 7, 2021

Villagers of Zung-Ngae village under Chhumig Gewog in Bumthang are blaming their gewog office and the Bumthang Dzongkhag Administration for lack of clarity after the budget to upgrade a crematorium in the village has been halted. This happened after two households of the village who have private land near the crematorium complained against the project.

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Yeshi Lhendup Films receives the Silver Creator Award or Play Button from YouTube

May 7, 2021

With over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, Yeshi Lhendup Films becomes the country's first YouTube channel to receive the Silver Creator Award or Play Button from YouTube. One hundred thousand subscribers will get a silver play button while one million subscribers will get gold and hitting ten million subscribers will get a diamond play button. YouTube's play buttons also known as creator awards are a reward given to content creators who reach a certain number of subscribers as being recognised by YouTube.

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Sunday, May 9(28th Day of 3rd Bhutanese Month)
GOOD DAY To conduct Lhabsang Thruesoel, appease local deities, perform wealth accumulation ritual, consecrate, appoint to new post, celebrate, start education, enter new house, shift house, start new business, approach higher authority, hold good discussion, set up storage and sow seeds.

NOT A GOOD DAYTo roof house, hoist Lungdhar, till and excavate land.
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May 9

Max: 18
Min: 9


Time of sunrise & sunset for Thimphu (May 9)

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Japanese Yen (100)68.7570.7
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