JDWNRH FC team win departmental football tournament

The JDWNRH FC team are the champions of the fourth season of the departmental football tournament. They played against the Department of Forest and Park Service team in the final match played today. The winning team secured a four-three victory against its opponent. The winning team and the runners-up received a cash prize of Nu 120,000 and 70,000 respectively along with trophies and medals. 

In a nail-biting match, JDWNRH dominated the first half scoring three goals. However, the Department of Forest and Park Service team rallied in the second half to even the score.

The deadlock led to an additional twenty minutes during which the JDWNRH team scored a goal, making them the champions of the departmental football tournament.

“Initially the game was easy. But as the game progressed, the opponent team emerged stronger. The Department of Forest and Park Service was a strong team and we expected them in the final. We are happy to have won the match. I did not doubt the technical ability but as we are in the different departments I was a bit worried about the coordination. But we did plan well and played well and won the match,” said Namgay Wangchuk, JDWNRH FC, Captain.

Meanwhile, according to the organiser, despite encountering challenges, the departmental football tournament was a success.

“Organising the tournament was challenging. One of the biggest challenges was the financial constraint and interpersonal challenges among the players. However, despite this, the tournament brought significant benefits such as strengthening friendship, unity, and cooperation among the different departments. It also promoted participants to stay healthy and fit,” said Dawala Dawala, organiser.

The departmental football tournament kicked off last month with 19 departments competing.

Sonam Yuden

Edited by Sonam Pem

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