Chablop Passang Tshering launches his first blog-turned-book

Over the last ten years, Chablop Passang Tshering, a popular blogger, has written more than 600 blog posts. He has compiled more than a hundred of these articles or posts and turned them into a book.

Entitled Passu Diary, the book is the first ever blog-to-book and was launched yesterday in Thimphu. The book tells stories about his life and family among others.

From a popular internet blogger to a book writer today, Chablop Passang said that the book is a dream come true. “I would like to pave the way for young bloggers to target at something like this where after some years they can also put their blog articles into a book,” Chablop Passang Tshering said.

“Maybe, when they see that my book articles are random, they would actually focus right now only.”

He also said the book is a stepping stone to becoming a good writer.”This is just to boost myself because this was the easiest thing to do. Articles were all ready. You just had to put into a package and print it,” he added.

Chablop Passang Tshering has bigger dreams for the future. “The future plans are actually to publish my short stories, which are ready.”

He said he had the short stories ready 15 years ago but lack of platform for publisher who would invest in him took him a long time to publish them.

“Now, maybe, I will have the confidence to publish my short stories first and also I had my first draft novel since 10 years ago. Maybe, I will have the confidence to publish that too.”

The publication of Passu Diary was crowd-funded by 15 investors.

Crowd-publishing is publishing of book by raising a small amount of money from a large number of people, who in return get books.

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