4G services expected to ease network congestion

4G-LuanchedThe launch of 4G services is expected to ease network congestion for 3G users. Many customers are expected to switch to 4G services as it offers four times faster internet connectivity than 3G connection.

The new service is also 10 times faster than the usual broadband, according to the B-Mobile’s General Manager, Pushpa Mani Pradhan.

Bhutan Telecom, initially, had about 20,000 3G registered users. The number of users increased to more than 56,000 as of September, this year, which shows the slow speed of internet is because growing internet on smart phones.

“When we introduced the 4G, we are trying to upload some of the traffic running on 3G. When we deploy 4G, people will be migrating to 4G. So people using 3G will also get better experience,” said Pushpa Mani Pradhan.

The Prime Minister and the Chairman of Druk Holdings and Investment launched the 4G service jointly, today.

With just two stations, at the moment, 4G services will be available only in certain areas of Thimphu. The areas are Norzin lam, Chubachu, the dzong area, Kawajangsa, Changgangkha, the ministers’ enclave, and the Motithang area. Bhutan Telecom plans to cover more areas on the basis of demand.

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