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Late Dasho Nishioka’s Panbang house to be renovated

Pema Samdrup, Zhemgang
Mar 8, 2017

The two storied house in Ngangla Gewog where Late Dasho Keiji Nishioka lived in during his time in Panbang is to undergo a major renovation.

Following the renovation, the house will be used for agriculture related research.

Ngangla Gewog and Agriculture and Forests Ministry came up with the idea to breathe a new life into Late Dasho Nishioka’s house, which has been lying in ruins.

Dasho Nishioka who spent five years in Panbang is fondly remembered by the community for transforming Panbang into an agricultural hub. Apart from his contribution in the field of agriculture, Dasho has also built schools and health clinics in the region.

“Dasho who worked in Panbang during the fourth five year plan has brought about numerous developments in Panbang. We have not been able to do anything about his house until now,” said Ngangla Gup Rinchen Wangdi.

The Gewog has already submitted a budget proposal. Gewog authorities said the renovation works will start as soon as the budget comes through.

Dasho Keiji Nishioka, also popularly known as Japan Sahib, was a Japanese agriculturalist. He was sent to Bhutan in 1964 an agriculture expert for two years but continued to stay in Bhutan until his untimely death in 1992.

In the 28 years that Dasho lived in Bhutan, he brought about major developments in farming that changed the lives of Bhutanese farmers.

Dasho is the only foreigner to have received the red scarf. His Majesty the Fourth King also awarded Dasho with Druk Thuksey medal in 1990.

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