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Traffic trouble in Samtse

Feb 21, 2011

With the number of vehicles growing rapidly, find parking space even in Samtse is becoming increasingly difficult.

The town has only one parking area. Private vehicles, taxis, and public service transport buses all share the same parking area. It remains congested especially during the weekends with hundreds of shoppers thronging the market.

Shoppers have to wait for hours to find a parking space or wait for one of the early shoppers to leave. Motorists are sometimes compelled to park their vehicle along the road side.

For the taxi drivers, this is a nightmare.

There are an estimated 55 taxis. The space allocated for taxis can accommodate only 13.

Kinley, a taxi driver, said “sometimes motorists unknowingly park private vehicles in our area aggravating the situation.”

Sangay Chophel, another taxi driver, said “the parking area is too small, the problem will only grow.”

According to Kencho, “sometimes people park their vehicle behind other vehicles, because of lack of adequate space.”

Officials from Road Safety and Transport Authority and traffic police are doing their best monitoring the traffic and ensuring an easy flow but with the vehicle number growing, the only solution, it appears, is to find a spacious parking area.

There are more than 900 vehicles in Samtse.

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