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Nation to observe the descending day of Buddha

Oct 25, 2013

It is Lhabab Duechen or the Descending Day of Lord Buddha, tomorrow. On this day, hundreds of Bhutanese visit Lhakhangs and Goendeys to offer prayers and butter lamps.

The day commemorates the return of Lord Buddha to earth from his heavenly abode for the salvation of all sentient beings.

Legend has it that Lord Buddha’s mother Yum Juma Lhazay passed away seven days after his birth, and to save his mother from the vicious circle of life, Lord Buddha had left for the celestial realm.

2 Comments for “Nation to observe the descending day of Buddha”

  1. pema

    Supreme Lord Buddha who was already enlightened in his previous purposefully born as prince is teacher for both Humans and Gods.

  2. Karpoi Gaywa

    Every time when such holy holidays comes, I feel blessed and my mind and action gets purified and good. So may there be only such holy days so that our mind is tamed and purified and get enlightened to benefit all sentient beings as we always prays for…

    May Lord Buddha bless us all.

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