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Rupee crunch- an opportunity to boost local farm production

Apr 24, 2012

Local farm produce is likely to hit the vegetable markets soon, if it goes as planned by the respective agencies. The Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives has already started collecting market information on quantity and price of agriculture produce.

Every week, around two hundred tons of agriculture produce are sold at the Centenary Farmers Market in winter alone. Based on the information, the department has begun issuing water harvesting equipment, seedlings and agricultural equipment to farmers on cost sharing basis to help boost production.

According to a plan Samtse, Sarpang and Samdrup Jongkhar will produce during the winter season. A total of fourteen dzongkhags have been identified. The ministries Agriculture and Education also signed a memorandum of understanding whereby, schools will buy locally produced vegetables. At present imported vegetables are supplied to most of the schools.  Two schools in Monggar and Bumthang have identified as pilot project.

The measures are being initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Royal Monetary Authority to help address the current rupee crunch situation and encourage local farm, production.

The move was welcomed by most vegetable vendors. “It will benefit us immensely and encourage people to work in the farm, instead of rushing to urban towns, said Tandin Pem. Another vegetable vendor, Passang, who sells local tea leaves, shared the same sentiment. “The move will benefit our on people for generations” he added.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister earlier said every year the Bhutan spends more than two hundred eighty million rupees for vegetable alone. Lyonchhoen added, “If we spend more than what we earn, who will this affect? Firstly, it will affect our farmers when we import all our vegetables citing high price as the reason for not buying locally grown vegetables. This will discourage vendors, who sell locally grown vegetables, he said.

5 Comments for “Rupee crunch- an opportunity to boost local farm production”

  1. Local Vegetable vendors, will now work extra and earn a little more! Atleast, some ones happy with the Rupee Crisis!

  2. Meaning now we will have to pay double the price for vegetable. Any pay hike soon?

  3. Good move, should have inculcated in the people long before, but better late than never. Government should encourage entrepreneurship by providing logistic on coast-sharing bases so that people take responsibility. We should stop blaming the rural-urban migration and calling our people lazy. In fact the blame-game should never happen (hurting people’s sentiment), instead people should be appreciated. Political party should work towards sustainable development and not target to achieving their promises and put the country in economic crisis.

  4. yescam

    Rupee Crunch may get back the farmers work. Was very sad to see many land becoming forest. I think people won’t mind paying little extra for the good stuff…pure organic and fresh.

  5. this would boost Bhutanese farmers’ income at large. it is a good hope. now the Bhutanese money can be used by the Bhutanese itself instead of it going out in the hands of Indians and making them rich.

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