CDB signs MoU with India’s CIDC

The Construction Development Board (CDB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) of India.

The MoU is expected to help CDB address the needs of and challenges confronting the construction industry.

Capacity building of contractors and workers and improving their skills are among the areas of focus under the MoU. “For that, we need support from other agencies,” CDB’s Legal Officer Yeshi Phuntsho said.

“We need to recommend placing of standards and look at processes of how construction activities are being carried out.”

Dr.  P.R. Swarup, CIDC’s Director General said lifestyles are changing and that constructions have to be useful  to the people for which technological know-how is crucial.

“But if workers do not have ideas on how to use new technologies, then it becomes bit of a difficulty. So, skill development is one of the areas we are looking at,” CIDC’s Director General said.

The second area of focus that CIDC has in its mind is to look at the environmental issues. “This includes looking at ways to reduce carbon footprints and make effective use of energy,” Dr.  P.R. Swarup added.

The MoU will also facilitate exchange of experience and knowledge on construction methods and technology between local and Indian contractors. Seminars and workshops aimed at developing the Bhutanese construction industry will also be held.

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