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VAST Yangtse facing sustainability issue

Feb 26, 2014

VAST Yangtse- Founded a year ago, the Visual Art Studio of Trashi Yangtse or VAST Yangtse is finding it difficult to sustain. The studio hasn’t been able to sell a single painting.

One of the founders, Jigme Dorji, said the response from the public has been poor. He said they have only a few students visiting the studio.

The studio currently sustains through membership fees. “We collect Nu.500 annually from each member.”

Jigme Dorji also said they have requested Azha Karma to help them with the paints and other required materials. Karma Wangdi, popularly known as Azha Karma, is one of the founders of Voluntary Artist Studio in Thimphu (VAST).VAST Yangtse

Jigme Dorji also said they have requested Azha Karma to pay for the studio they have rented. “He has been paying till now.”

Despite the challenges, the club founders and members are hoping to keep the club running.

The art club was founded by two teachers in Trashi Yangtse. The club was formed in line with the VAST in Thimphu.

The founders of the club were also members of VAST. Jigme Dorji said there is no platform to keep the students engaged. “There are many dropout students here. So we thought we should share our knowledge with the students and provide them a platform to be engaged…”

The studio had set up an exhibition room recently to showcase the artwork of club members. All the paintings hung in the exhibition room were done by the club members.

Every weekend, club members gather in this room to learn the different forms of paintings. Last year the club had more than 50 members.


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  1. Fiona Nicholls

    Visited you guys last October…..girls from Australia, hoping to teach with you in 2015……. With my group of students……..let’s stay connected my website is ……www.islandspiritart.com. Fiona

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