Supreme Court orders Druk Gi Kalapingka organiser to pay season five runners-up

The Supreme Court has ordered the organiser of the singing reality show Druk Gi Kalapingka to pay over a million ngultrum to the second and third-place winners of Druk Gi Kalapingka season five. This decision came after the show organiser could not send them to Australia for diploma studies following the show’s conclusion in 2021. The judgment was passed last week.

According to the Supreme Court verdict, the organiser is not entirely at fault for the visa rejections.

Kezang Phuntsho, the organiser, had paid for English language classes and tests, as well as fees for biometrics and Overseas Student Health Cover.

The verdict states that there is no evidence to show that prize money will be given if the winners are not able to go to Australia on scholarship.

Since there is no evidence, the Supreme Court ordered the show organiser to pay the aggrieved individuals based on prize money given during season 6 of the Druk Gi Kalapingka.

The court also ordered to pay amounts equivalent to tuition fees paid to an Australian university to the second and third position holders.

This means, the second position holder, Kinley Dema, will receive about Nu 580,000 and third place, Nidup Zangmo, will receive about Nu 530,000  from the organiser.

Both will also be paid a compensation amount of Nu 11,250 each. The amounts must be paid within a month from the date of the judgment.

The cases were first registered with the Trongsa and Pema Gatshel District Courts last year and reached the Supreme Court following subsequent appeals by the show organiser.

Tashi Dekar

Edited by Sherub Dorji

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