New bridge to ease travel woes in Taraythang and Umling Gewogs, Sarpang

The Panchfaly stream has been worrying the residents of Taraythang and Umling Gewogs. During the monsoon, the bridge often gets washed away by the swollen stream, making it difficult for people to travel to Gelephu for shopping and other important work. However, a permanent bridge is set to be completed next July. This is expected to provide a permanent solution, providing a reliable way for people to connect with the rest of the gewogs, regardless of the weather.

Residents of Taraythang and Umling Gewogs are anticipating the completion of a new permanent bridge over the Panchfaly stream. They hope that this bridge will keep traffic flowing throughout the year.

In the past, both a culvert bridge and a causeway were washed away by the swollen Panchfaly stream, causing transportation disruptions.

The Panchfaly stream dries up in winter and swells during the monsoon season.

“People would benefit by the construction of the bridge. Instead of having to carry rice on their backs, they can use vehicles to transport it,” said Tashi Zangpo, a commuter from Sarpang.

“We faced issues with the Panchfaly stream due to the lack of a permanent bridge. The temporary bridge, constructed by the then Department of Roads was washed away, last year, when the stream swelled up. Although it was supposed to last for two to three years, it could not withstand the force of the water. Upon the request of the Umling and Taraythang Gewog Administrations, the department agreed to build a permanent bridge. Sufficient funds were secured this year and construction has already started,” said   Sangay Tenzin, Umling Gup.

The gup added that people should not worry about disruptions during the upcoming monsoon.

The private company constructing the bridge has assured that they will keep traffic flowing at all times by creating temporary routes.

The bridge is being constructed at a cost of about Nu 70 M.

The bridge would not only benefit the residents of two gewogs but also play a significant role in other important projects, including the upcoming Gelephu Mindfulness City.

Karma Wangdi, Sarpang

Edited by Sonam Pem

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