Dagana’s Gumti Ecotourism site opens to visitors

The opening of Gumti Ecotourism in Tsendagang Gewog’s Samarchhu Chiwog in Dagana is anticipated to welcome both local and international tourists. The facility was opened to visitors from Monday. The initiative aims to promote Gumti village as a community-based ecotourism destination.

The facilities are constructed on the outskirts of the Sunkosh River, about 10 kilometres from the Dagapela-Dalbari secondary national highway.

The project includes a three-kilometre nature trail and a campsite equipped with basic amenities such as a toilet, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and a picnic spot.

In addition, visitors can enjoy a viewpoint offering scenic views of the  Sunkosh River as well as two treetop observation towers to watch the critically endangered White-Belled Herons.

A four-member youth group from the Chiwog is managing the facilities.

“One special thing about this ecotourism site is it is a feeding place for White-Bellied Heron. The destination also offers our visitors captivating views such as oxbow lake, viewpoints, nature trails, picnic spots, and bird-watching places,” said Bimal Subba, the general manager of Gumti Ecotourism.

The initiative is also expected to benefit the local communities by boosting the local economy.

“We have also developed a campsite where we provide food and lodge. The meals that we offer are prepared organically. Visitors will also get to learn the community’s rich culture, tradition and living styles here,” added the general manager.

The Royal Society for Protection of Nature or RSPN provided financial support for the project.

Pema Tshewang, Dagana         

Edited by Sonam Pem

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