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Water Project under the Desuung National Service Programme to benefit Telung, Pema Gatshel

Mar 21, 2021

Bhutan is known to be water abundant, with one of the highest reported water availability per capita in the region. However, issues with water accessibility continue to persist across the country. Similarly, accessing a safe and reliable drinking water supply is an everyday struggle for residents of Telung village in Pema Gatshel. But this is expected to resolve once the water project in the district is completed. The groundbreaking ceremony was conducted recently. 

The Water Project under the Desuung National Service Programme will be implemented by the dzongkhag, dungkhag, works and human settlement ministry, Desuung and Royal Bhutan Army.

People expect the water project to alleviate the drinking water shortage that they have been facing every year. The construction of the

“We have one existing source. But this water contains lime and pipelines get blocked frequently. We have to visit the source and have to maintain the pipelines once a week. The cement gets stagnant in the pipe. As the current source is better, we are very sure of its benefit to us,” said Dawa Norbu, a resident of the village.

“The previous source was not available at all. His Majesty has sent Desuups to work for the water supply construction. We are very thankful to His Majesty,” added Wangda, another resident.

“We have been worried as the previous water source was far and we had to cross through a thick forest. With Desuups helping us with the water supply construction, we are hoping the works gets expedited. Desuups are professionally trained and we are expecting the best quality work,” said Sonam Rinchen, the Dechhenling Gup.

More than 50 Desuups are stationed at Telung village to operate the Water Projec.

“We are grateful to His Majesty for considering and adding our village to the water flagship program. Despite being a remote village, His Majesty deployed a huge number of Desuups for the program,” added the Gup.

The project is expected to complete within four months. Once ready, it will benefit around 90 households in the village.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

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