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DoR to blacktop the 7-km road in Durungri village, Pema Gatshel

Mar 2, 2021

With an increasing number of commuters travelling along the Pema Gatshel-Nganglam highway, dust pollution has plagued the residents of Durungri village under Dungmaed Gewog in Pema Gatshel for a long time now. And the situation gets worst especially during the winter season. However, the matter is expected to be resolved soon, as the works to blacktop the 7-km road will begin this month.

Since the construction of the road in 2012, people have started to reside nearby area and ever since residents have been putting up with dusty road.

Sakten Lhamo a resident in Dunrungri said, “We are struggling with the dust problem. Now that the road will be blacktopped soon, we are happy. The dust particles even enter our kitchen and spoil our food. We always have to cover the lids and wash our dishes time and again. We also suffer from cough and cold at times.”

“Even our crops have been damaged by the dust. This has also made us cultivate crops in places far from the road areas. Moreover, our cattle get sick after consuming the plants grown in these places.” said Tobgay, another resident.

Gyeltshen Wangmo who is also residing along the highway said, “The dust enters our food and makes our houses look very dirty. It also destroys the vegetable we grow in our gardens. But seeing the contractors here, we are happy to know that the road will be blacktopped soon.”

According to the Tshogpa, works to blacktop the road which starts from Tshobalay junction till Migkuri village should have started by this time. However, it was delayed due to the recent lockdown caused by COVID-19.

“The firm responsible for blacktop the road has already brought in their machinery here. For now, they are collecting and waiting for other raw materials to blacktop the road. We are hoping that the work will begin soon.” Thinley Jamtsho added.

The official with the Department of Road said that the raw materials and the machinery are already at the site.

The project which cost around Nu 10 million is expected to be complete by monsoon this year.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

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