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Court denies bail to Khamdang-Ramjar MP, T/Yangtse

Mar 2, 2021

The Trashi Yangtse district court denied bail to the Member of Parliament of Khamdang_Ramjar constituency in Trashi Yangtse and his nephew. The police detained them yesterday. According to sources, they were arrested following the alleged construction of an illegal road on 27th September last year. Four others including the Khamdang Mangmi who are also involved in the case were arrested a few months ago. But they are out on bail. 

The road was allegedly constructed in the highly restricted, prohibited and national security concern area despite the refusal of a construction permit by the dzongkhag administration on two occasions.

Following a written complaint from the dzongkhag administration, the Royal Bhutan Police started formal investigations on October 12 2020.

According to a source, the defendants will be charged with Commission of Malicious Mischief, Breach of Public Order and Tranquility, Official Misconduct, Hindering Prosecution under the Penal Code of Bhutan, and for the Violation of Land Act, Environment Assessment Act and the Road Act.

The case was registered in the Dzongkhag Court yesterday. The preliminary hearing will be conducted within ten days.

Tshering Zam/ Sonam Darjay

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