English | Dzongkha Sunday, April 11, 2021

Number up, records show

Number of black-necked cranes visiting the country has increased over the decades. In 2011 to 2012 winter, 447 black-necked cranes were recorded. While only 225 cranes were sighted in 1991 to 1992 winter. This is as per the study carried out by the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature, RSPN, last month.

Pullets sell well

Pullet rearing farms, though not popular among the farmers, are doing brisk business in Tsirang. The term “pullet” refers to a young hen, usually under one year of age. There are two pullet rearing farms compared to over 100 commercial poultry farms.

U-16 Cricket team in Thailand

The Under-16 boys’ cricket team left for Thailand on Sunday to participate in the upcoming Asian Cricket Council Challenge Cup to be held on March 3.  The team has 14 players and two officials. This is the second time the team has participated in the competition.

Fire at Druk Hotel injures a man

A man was injured in a fire that broke out at the Druk hotel in Thimphu, this afternoon. The incident occurred at around 12:10 pm. The fire damaged the generator room of the hotel.The man works as the generator operator. He sustained minor burns on his face and hands. He was immediately referred to the hospital and was discharged after the treatment.

Alcohol and Bhutanese culture

Alcohol is bad but it is alright in Bhutanese society. It is normal for Bhutanese to drink, some at a very young age. Alcohol is something which is becoming more and more a part of Bhutanese culture.

Sham Sha Doley- a dying Zhungdra

The introduction of rigsar or modern songs and its growing popularity in the country is taking its toll on the traditional songs. Songs, which are not so popular, but sung and performed in the villages for ages are the most affected.  “Sham Sha Doley”, a Zhungdra, unique to only Dagana Dzongkag is undergoing a similar fate. Unlike Wang Zhey, Wochu pai Zhay, or Kurutoed Pai Alo, not many people have heard of ‘Sham Sha Doley’. This ancient song is fast disappearing even before it is heard or seen by others.

One killed, two injured in vehicle accident

A 67-year-old man died in a vehicle accident in Paro on Sunday. The accident occurred at around 5:30 pm near Shaba Middle Secondary School. The alto car, the deceased was driving, collided head on with a Prado.

RIM introduces 2 masters’ programme

The Royal Institute Management, RIM, in collaboration with Canberra University, Australia commenced the first masters’ course in Thimphu. Thirty-seven students from various sectors are undergoing the masters’ course in Public Administration and Management.

No English teacher for Jakar Rabdey

The Jakar Rabdey in Bumthang has been without an English teacher for a couple of months now. Until the mid of last year they had a contract teacher. The teacher left after the contract period of over one year ended in mid-last year.

Taking justice closer to the people

Known commonly as Nangkha Nadrik the Bhutan National Legal Institute, BNLI, is conducting training on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for some 65 Mangmis in Punakha. The Mangmis are from seven north-western Dzongkhags. The training will help people resolve disputes,mostly civil in nature, without having to go to the courts.

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