Tuesday, December 23, 2014
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Bhutan This Week

Bhutan This Week– a look back into the week’s top news stories from across the Kingdom.


Watch Bhutan This Week on Saturday @10:30 pm.









39 comments on “Bhutan This Week

  1. Aaron Kfir on said:

    It is 21:40 here on a Canadian Naval Base on the Island of Newfoundland which is in the North Atlantic. Mr. Michael Palin of BBC visited your country and made a travel film about it. My wife, Rachel, and I watched it. We were very impressed with your counrty. We both envy you. The world can learn a lot from Bhutan.

    • Dorjee on said:

      Dear Mr/Mrs Aaron Kfir,
      It is of great pleasure to get remarked from well wishes like you for our country.
      On behalf of my country and the citizens its of utmost pleasure to thank you for your humble words.
      Best wishes to you and Canada.

  2. It would be very beneficial to all the Bhutanese who stay out of country if BBS could make all other programmes like The Panel, Dawai Kudren and so on, available like the Bhutan This week.
    I really appreciate your efforts in trying to bring up all on your site.

    With best regards,

  3. it would be helpful to Bhutanese those who are away from home,if you could make all the programmes available on net.

  4. Tshering Tashi on said:

    It was very awesome moment to watch BBS online. We could keep an eye on waht is happening in Bhutan. Im though in India, but i feel im in Bhutan. Thanks to BBS and expect more news to be published on this site.

  5. Tshering chophel on said:

    when i go through BBS, i will like im in my home watching News. Present im studing in Bangkok…. i like watching BBS..

  6. Sharma on said:

    good Initiative ,bbs

  7. Anil sharma on said:

    Thanks for bbs initiative. Though I am studying sanskrit in india , i feel like at home as bbs is providing me fresh news.i know almost every events that are taking place in our country. I am happy with the news provided by bbs.

  8. Drukpa on said:

    I wish we can watch BBS live broad cast through net, it will keep update to those residing outside Bhutan. Still i am enjoying through shorts and forum.

    Tashi Delk BBS

  9. ngawang on said:

    thank you so much for share all the recover views and i’m very pleased to watch agin.

  10. jigme on said:

    every thursday i come here to get updates, and it feels like being at home.
    great initiative by bbs i would say! Keep up the good work :)

  11. Susan Mills on said:

    This is a trully wonderful link to the place where my heart and thoughts often roam. Prime Minister`s Speech about GNH is very powerful, and the optimististic attitude is heartening, in what we may call: “..difficult times”, for the planet.

  12. tsheten dorji on said:

    sad to hear bitten news of fire at wang dzong.

  13. shortest Bhutan this week (7.58) Sweet

  14. pema khandu on said:

    my sincere thanks to BBS for your good and dynamic website. It not only keeps me informed of the happenings in Bhutan but it has also become my best Bhutanese friend in an alien country. I watch BBS TV more now than I am use to back home…Thanks and plz continue to make it even more better.

  15. very slow streaming, come on BBS, i am sure you can do better. you need to improve the quality of your presenters, and reporters. just because you are the only station in bhutan where there isn’t competition, stop being so complacent

  16. Phub Thinley on said:

    Its quite impressive that the BBS is doing a fine job in making BBS program worldwide through internet and make our Bhutanese people feel at home. Bhutanese culture is unique and exemplary to the other nation, hence I feel really proud to see our cultural and tradition being posed in internet to say other people that this is my Country, King, People, Culture etc., etc…….

  17. tshering wangmo on said:

    it updates new of bhutan even we r out of country..thx to BBS team…keep the spirt..pelden drukpa

  18. Dorjee Nob on said:

    i am in india. and i do watch bbs often.but is very slow and keeps on loading,and plays for a while and it again loads………so any problem. we would be very grateful if bbs team could work on this.Or may be is my net problem but it occurs always.

  19. zaischory on said:

    Nowadays BBS live TV Button is not given in the BBS website…Is it now permanently not given online live TV?

  20. I wish i could watch our beloved kings birth anniversary celebration at Changlingmethang live TV online today . :(( unfortunately online
    BBS live tv has permanently gone out now.

  21. tshesam on said:

    BBS is doing great JOb,and we are very proud of BBS. also i would like to Mentions few things, By the way what Happend to BBS live online TV ???? people like us who is living thousand of miles away from home, Missed to watched the live things happening in Bhutan… few Months ago BBS can be watched live online in United States…But now I dont know what is the reason behind to stop Broadcasting live online. We would the Bhutanese Living Abroad will be very grateful to BBS if you can Bring the live TV again…

    Thank you and Good Luck BBS Team

  22. Beby on said:

    Thank you for the Bhutan This Week that you have been uploading weekly. I regularly down these and watch it, find it very informative. But you have not updated this week’s. please update for this week also.

  23. rada wangchuk on said:

    we bhutanese student outside bhutan would love to see BBS online live streaming…. before we can watch both the channel in live online streaming but not we cant watch even one channel… we would like to request BBS for live steaming from the online ….. moreover this days national assembly is going on…. we feel good watching BBS program online ….
    thank you

  24. B T MORADIA on said:

    I have lived and worked in Bhutan, Samtse from 1982-1986 in the central school.I was happy to read and know about the progress with a new style of self-governance with the new and educated generation under the visionary king of Bhutan to lead the happy kingdom to happier heights.
    I remember having taught Lekey Dorji and his classmate Dorji Wangchuk (Hamburg) in class 8 and 9.
    I dream to visit Bhutan next years with other teachers who worked with me.

  25. tashi wangchuk on said:

    its very nice to update about our Country.

  26. JigmeTenzin on said:

    Just wanted to request BBS team, if you can upload the Bhutan This Week Program regularly, so that we ( living outside Bhutan) can catch up with happenings in Bhutan.


  27. Against Corruption on said:

    My humble request to BBS team would be for timely upload of all the programs. Although I am happy and appreciate for what is being done at the moment, some times we find that the uploads remain there for long time without any updates.

    Hope you all will try to do that….


  28. yeshey chhoden on said:

    Am very happy to know about my beloved king and queen because of having wonderful BBS channel in our beautiful country……..!

  29. angeleew on said:

    though living out of bhutan..i never felt away.bhutan this week is the one that keeps me informed and in touch. truly appreciated.

  30. Jigme Tenzin on said:

    Bhutan This week Program is aired in Bhutan on Friday but I have not been able to understand why it takes so long to upload it here. I have observed that it is only uploaded after three to four days. May be the file is so big that it takes 3 to 4 days to be uploaded. We would appreciate if it is uploaded immediately after the airing it in Bhutan.

  31. Dorji on said:

    Dear BBS,
    Why is “Bhutan this week” not up since 2 weeks. Hope to see it uploaded.

  32. james on said:

    I think BBS people are out of there service since they didn’t get desired pay hike. Bhutan This Week are not being uploaded.

  33. Talashi on said:



  34. Sherab Dorji on said:

    Dear BBS. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your effort to make the news available to a more international audience. Kadrinchey!
    I would just like to suggest uploading all the video files onto Youtube as well, and hyperlink them so that viewers can enjoy better views.
    Thank you.

  35. Tshewang Dorji on said:

    Glad if Bbs could give us live streaming

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