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Four arrested in battery case

Changa Dorji, Thimphu
Dec 14, 2017

Four young men, aged 21 to 25, are in Thimphu Police custody for their involvement in a battery case. The incident happened on the morning of December 2.

Of the four, one is the victim and other three who battered him. The victim was also arrested because he was found to have provoked the three first.

The matter reached the police after the hospital called to inform them of the victim who came to the hospital with lacerations. Upon questioning, the victim told police that he was battered by a group of boys.

But later during the investigation, it was found out that all four were in a club in Changjalu where the victim allegedly created a scene. He is said to have provoked others in the club and broke glasses, which left him with cuts.

Following his unruly behaviour, the victim was thrown out of the club. That was when the three accused went out and beat him up.


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