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Commercial hub’s crime record

Dec 22, 2011

Bhutan’s main commercial hub, Phuentsholing, shares a same story with that of the capital city Thimphu when it comes to crime records. The record maintained by the Phuentsholing police highlights possession and illegal transaction of controlled substances topping the crime lists. This year about 65 such cases were reported and the officials say the number is on the rise.

In 2009, 48 cases were reported and the number went up to 60 in 2010.

The reason, according to the police, is because of the porous border and easy availability of such substances across the border.

To curtail such crimes, random frisking at the border gate is being carried out by the police.

There has also been a significant increase in prostitution in the city. From just one case in 2010, the figure stands at eight this year.

Thirty two motor vehicle offences like auto stripping and illegal transaction were recorded this year. Last year, only seven such cases were reported.

However, offences like criminal attempts, battery and burglary has seen a gradual decrease in the past three years.

Meanwhile, to bring down the crime rate in the area, the police says they are working towards instilling the sense of community police in the minds of the Phuentsholing residents.

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