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Residents in Thimphu feel the pinch from soaring egg prices

Choni Dema, Thimphu
Jun 30, 2017

Residents in the capital say these days buying eggs is a pocket-burner for them. Eggs have become expensive due to dip in the production from poultry farms in Tsirang.

Earlier, a tray of eggs used to cost Nu 180 but today it costs around Nu 300.

Some of the customers said they have cut down on the consumption of eggs due to its soaring prices. They said instead of eggs, it is better to buy meat products.

“Eggs have become so expensive. Last week, I bought a tray paying Nu 280. This week, it’s Nu 300. So it is cheaper to buy meats than eggs,” said one resident named Gyem Lham.

Egg vendors said they have no hand in hiking the egg prices. Rather it is due to less supply from the poultry houses in Tsirang.

“The price has risen from the source. Last week, I bought box of eggs at Nu 1800 but now, it has increased by Nu 100,” said a vendor, Choden.

Another vendor, Sangay Dolma said their profit margin is very less due to costly eggs from the production houses itself.

“I sold 90 boxes of eggs and earned Nu 9000. But after paying transportation charges, I can keep only Nu 4000.”

Vendors said the ban on the sale of meat during the last one month since it was Saga Daw-meatless month also attributed to increase in eggs prices.




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