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Thimphu Thromde try rubber speed breakers

Yeshi Gyaltshen, Thimphu
Feb 16, 2017

A new speed breaker made from rubber is being tried on roads in Thimphu city. The first two rubber speed breakers were placed across the road in Lanjophakha, yesterday.

If found effective, Thimphu Thromde will replace the existing speed bumps with the rubber ones.

The rubber ones are said to be better than the current ones in many ways.

According to Thimphu Thromde’s Assistant Engineer, Ugyen Lhamo installing rubber bumps is comparatively cheaper.

“The cost of making one metallic speed bump is the same as installing two rubber bumps. Also, rubber bumps can be placed in a day as opposed to the normal speed bumps, which takes two days.”

Ugyen Lhamo added the rubber bumps are removable and can be reused as well.

Achieving uniformity in the size of speed bumps is also possible with the new rubber speed bumps. They are also expected to be better in terms of visibility and durability.

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