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Advance volunteer and partnership programmes to reduce forest fire

Komal Kharka, Wangdue Phodrang
Nov 20, 2016

advance-volunteer-and-partnership-programmes-to-reduce-forest-fireWangdue Forest division has now come up with an advance volunteer and partnership programmes to decrease forest fire, this winter.

Combating forest fire is the most challenging task for Wangdue Forest Division, every winter.

Wangdue and Punakha record the highest number of forest fire cases due to dry vegetation and wind.

Last year, there were 13 major forest fires in Wangdue Phodrang and Punakha.

Pine and coniferous trees making up the vegetation in the area, makes it difficult to contain fire.

The other challenge for the foresters is difficult terrain, risk involved and extreme wind.

With limited number of foresters, forestry officials said it is often difficult for them to contain the forest fire.

Wangdue forest division has been urging people to be extra careful while handling fire.

“If we set forest on fire for our domestic animals need, there is huge impact. Firstly it might be a threat to their houses. People might think they burn only a small area for personal use, but due to wind the fire can spread to acres of areas,” said Chencho Dendup of the Forest Protection and Enforcement Section.

The division recently set up a forest fire prevention volunteer group comprising people from all walks of life.

Several grassroots awareness and advocacy programs in schools were also conducted as preventive measure.

Forestry officials say these programs have already proved beneficial.

The forest fire in Athang Gewog last week was contained within 24 hours with volunteers’ help, which according to foresters was difficult in the past.

With precaution measures in place, foresters are confident in reducing the forest fire cases in the coming days.





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