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A new bypass road for Chamkhar Town

Komal Kharka, Bumthang
Jan 15, 2016

A new bypass road for Chamkhar TownCome March and Chamkhar town in Bumthang will have a new bypass road. The road stretching from Chamkhar till Dekiling will shorten about a half-kilometre distance. The road is the first project under Bumthang Urban Infrastructure Development Project.

The present road from Chamkhar towards Dekiling is riddled with potholes. Even after repeated maintenance by the Department of Roads, the potholes still exists. Road officials say marshy land and a stream nearby damages the road.A new bypass road for Chamkhar Town--

Department of Roads’ officials said to repair the road permanently a proper base course is needed. However, due to financial constraint works could not be conducted. The new 1.6 kilometre bypass road is expected to help solve the problem.

The road will also have a footpath for the pedestrian.

There are also plans to construct a bicycle trail along the road in the future.

The project is funded by Government of India under project tied assistance.

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