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Over hundred million Ngultrum fetched from potato yields

Aug 22, 2014

Over hundred million Ngultrum fetched from potato yieldsIt is the height of potato auctioning season at the Food Corporation of Bhutan’s auction yard in Phuentshogling. Unlike last year, the farmers are fetching better returns this year.

As per the figures maintained at the auction yard, potatoes worth over a Nu.101m have been auctioned since May this year.

This time, a kilogram of potato fetched as high as Nu.30. Last year, the price was in between Nu.15-18 only.

According to Sangay Wangdi, head of Agriculture and Marketing Division of the Food Corporation of Bhutan, since there is not much potato production in India at this time of the year, Bhutanese farmers fetch a good price. Majority of the auctioned potatoes are exported to India.

Another factor is that farmers these days have also become aware of the importance of quality and packaging of their produce.

He added a proper grading not only ensures a good price, but also assures certain perks at the auction yard like discounted service tax, first preference during the auctioning and quicker settlement of bills.

Every day, around 30 to 40 truckloads of potatoes are auctioned. They come from western and central regions of the country.

In the last three months, over 4700 metric tonnes were auctioned at the yard.

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  1. Tshering

    Despite Bumper potato production in our own country, potato price remains sky high.

  2. Thinlay

    Yes, but agriculture cash crops are main source of livelihood for rural communities. Cash crops directly benefit middle to low income people; government must invest in agriculture development.

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