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Controversial Education City Project debated in NA

May 30, 2014

NA-LyonpoDorjiChoden-Education CityThe issue of the controversial Education City was raised during the Question Hour in the National Assembly, today. Responding to the question posed by Dokar-Sharpa MP, Kezang Wangmo, the Works and Human Settlement Minister, Dorji Choden, said the Cabinet was in favour of the Land Commission’s response.

The National Land Commission had said the land lease period was for 30 years. But the agreement said the land can be sub-leased after 30 years, which according to the Land Commission, was illegal.

The National Land Commission had found out that the land lease agreement of the Bhutan Education City Project in Wangsisina in Thimphu was not in line with the Land Act 2007. The project had come to a halt after the finding.

The South Thimphu MP, Yeshey Zimba, who is the former Chairperson of the Education City Project also clarified that the former government did not do anything against the law when the project was planned.

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  2. jigme

    If law is to stop any cause even when it is a profound one like Education City, what did Tshering Tobgay take to the court in support of sonam tshering against the tobacco act? that was a law in force too. Though, the monk had to under go sentence under this so thought stringent law, it got amended and lightened. so why not in this case too? for it is for the nation. When certain initiative like edu.city, law should be discussed, but more than that the course must be deliberated. For the growth of the nation, when their isn’t harm to the nation other than that it happen to be out of shell of the nations law in land acquisition, this must be adjusted within the framework of developmental plan of the country.

  3. Silent observer

    A showcase of PDP’s incapability

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