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Bumthang fire was an accident say police

Feb 26, 2011

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The second fire in Chamkhar town in Bumthang started from a hut located behind a Drayang. It was an accident. The fire was not started intentionally. This is according to the Royal Bhutan Police who have now completed their investigation into the fire which occurred earlier this month.

After the fire, there were unfounded speculations that it may have been started deliberately. There were also many people who believed that it was purely accidental and that the fire started from the hut behind the Drayang as has been established now.

The Bumthang Dzongda, Sangay Thinley, said “after thorough investigation, it has been found that the fire was not set intentionally. It started from a shack in which an employee of a local hotel was living.”

“The shack didn’t have electricity. The occupant was using candles. He had forgotten to put off the candle that night. The fire started from the candle. Since it was midnight, before people knew about it, the fire was out of control.”

Dzongda said business people in Chamkhar were recently briefed on the prevention of fire hazards in future. He said dzongkhag received a new fire prevention vehicle.

Despite his assurance, there are people who still believe that the fire could not possibly be accidental.

One resident said “the fire occurred just when the reconstruction work is about to complete. Was it coincidence? We wonder.”

Another resident said “it has been just four months since the first fire broke out. It makes us wonder whether it was done on purpose.”

The fire which broke out in the early hours of February 18 gutted 29 shops in Chamkhar town.

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