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Learning through community work

Nov 25, 2013

Nanyang Girls High School-Laptshakha Primary SchoolSome of the students and teachers from Nanyang Girls High School from Singapore are in Punakha Dzongkhag on a five-day visit. The team visited Laptshakha Primary School as part of their project proposal.

The programme aims to provide students a first-hand experience in service and learning through community work. The programme also involves cultural exchange between the two countries.

A Chinese Language Teacher of Nanyang, Alex, said the visit is to give their students a first-hand experience in service-learning through community work in Punakha valley. “It is also to train their leadership skills.  Besides that, we want to serve the needs of the community. Through serving the community we can meet the needs of the community.”

Alex said it is also an opportunity for students to have first-hand engagement with the local communities overseas and learn about the culture and way of life.

A student of Nanyang School, Tan Li Ting, said they here to teach the students. “For the first three days we have been just getting used to the climate and exploring.” She said they have been teaching for about four days now.Nanyang-Girls-High-School-Laptshakha-Primary-School

“It’s a new experience for me,” said yet another student, Yu Han.

During the visit, the students from the Nan-yang girls High school donated stationery, clothes and learning materials.

The School Principal, Tashi Dorji, said the visit from overseas students helped students to interact and exchange their learning skills.

The Principal added the project will provide an opportunity to use their academic knowledge and skills in real life situation, in order to extend learning beyond the classroom.

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