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Inmates encouraged to be business forward

Nov 23, 2013

Inmates-business-forwardWhat do detainees do once they complete their terms at the detention centre? One of the best ways forward is doing business. This was what officials of Loden Foundation said when they met with inmates at the Thimphu detention centre on Thursday.

As part of the global entrepreneurship week, the Loden foundation organised a talk on shaping the future through entrepreneurship.  Detainees at the Thimphu detention centre are those with sentences of less than three years.

The Special Executive of Loden foundation, Pema Wangchuk, talked about how business could be the best answer for inmates who want successful lives. He talked about Loden providing financial help and urged everyone to think of innovative business ideas. He also shared the reason for Loden foundation taking up this initiative.

“We thought once they are inside the detention center they have ample of time to think of business ideas.” He said, moreover all of them will be serving their tenure for a maximum of three years and after that they will have nothing to do. “So we thought if we give them the idea and platform they can think properly and we can help them in becoming a productive citizen.”

There was also a question answer session after the talk.  More than 90 inmates are currently serving their terms at the Thimphu detention centre.




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