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Stopping imports not an answer: PM

Oct 28, 2013

PM-Import-MeetThePressThe Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay, hinted that the import ban could be lifted in the near future. The Prime Minister was responding to a question on keeping the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country at 10 percent as PDP had pledged during Meet the Press, today. Lyonchhen said that in order to strengthen a country’s economy imports and economic activities were very important.

“Both savings and investments will expand our GDP and will be good for the long term. We have to learn to produce more, so that we can balance our trade.”

The Prime Minister said stopping imports is not the answer. “We have stopped imports, the last government stopped imports; that is not the answer. That is cutting off the nose just to spite the face.” Lyonchhen said in order to strengthen Bhutanese economy, local production needs to replace some of the unnecessary imports. “We need to produce more domestically so that we can export. We have free trade with India. We have the world’s biggest emerging middle class just outside our border.”

During the program the Prime Minister was also questioned on the progress of the one hundred day pledges of the PDP government. Lyonchhen said, of the 34 pledges nine have been fulfilled.  They are free electricity to rural households and the meet the people programme.

He said PDP’s pledge of doing away with the preliminary examinations of those sitting for the Bhutan Civil Service Examinations is yet to be fulfilled.

Lyonchhen said the rest of the pledges are all works in progress.

The government will complete hundred days of being in the power on November 5.

5 Comments for “Stopping imports not an answer: PM”

  1. Lekshe Jamtsho

    Media also should question about the government on inefficiency of the Ministers and involvement of Cabinet in almost all ministry level decision making. something is unusual and unconstitutional in respect of the function of our new govt….. Bullshit media did not question them

  2. dechen zam

    i dont think stopping imports can solve the current financial crisis in the country.It is time that the government look at the best practices of comparable countries and learn from them.
    Development of the country cannot be achieved with the ban of imports.No doubt import needs to be controlled but on those goods that do not enhance development.

  3. jigsssssssssssssssss

    the previous government however lifted the imports to balance the trade but they didn’t lift the export. Your excellency just highlighting about the lifting of import ban which could also not balance the trade which either way will drain bhutanese economy on unwanted goods…

    And the youth of Bhutan who have voted for your party hoping to do away with PE exams are still finding your party a leap service, they did voted for your party thinking that PDP will do away with PE, but failed….and how many such failures in the five year to come…and the meet the people and lifting the Pedesdrain day was worthless too….

  4. guest

    Lift the vehicle import ban sooner

  5. drukpa

    PE yet to be fulfilled is no an answer either your excellency PM

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