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Two Dutch students donate bunk beds to monastic school

Aug 26, 2013

BunkBed-Dechen-PhodrangThe monks of the Dechen Phodrang Monastic School will no longer have to sleep on the floor. The school received its first shipment of 50 bunk beds, yesterday, thanks to two Dutch students.

Until yesterday, no students at the Dechen Phodrang monastic school owned a bed. They slept on mats on the floor in a cramped manner. The students, therefore, lacked personal hygiene and were prone to skin diseases.

The beds worth Nu.500,000 have been donated by two teenage Dutch students, who have been living in Bhutan for at least a year now with their parents. Zoe and Dante are aged seven and nine.

The siblings said they raised the money for the beds by organising BunkBed-Dechen-Phodrang-Zoe-and-Dantea sponsored walk in Amsterdam in July this year, where 300 students from their former school took part.

“The idea of donating bed was a very interesting concept.  Half of the fund was raised through organizing walk and remaining was helped by families and friends,” said Zoe.

Zoe adds that she would like to organise similar campaigns in the future.

Of the 108 committed beds, 50 were officially handed over to the school, yesterday, in the presence of the Tsula Lopen, the Secretary of the Dratsang Lhentshog and the sponsors.  The remaining beds will be delivered within a month.

The 108 beds are expected to accommodate 216 students. The Dechen Phodrang Monastic School is currently home to 300 monks including the Principal and 17 teachers. Being among the oldest monastic schools, Dechen Phodrang still lacks several basic necessities, such as filtered drinking water and even pencil and paper for classes.

12 Comments for “Two Dutch students donate bunk beds to monastic school”

  1. Pure son of Drukyul

    Thank you so much for the help. You are highly appreciated for your good deeds. Like wise even we Bhutanese should help poor monks in this manner rather than lighting the thousand of batter lamps. But we lend up in doing so call puja. Many of the rich people instead of donating like this they show off by performing puja.

  2. Julian_A

    This news made my day; a delightful news to read! Philosophical me not but at the end of the day, what matters most is not money or wealth that we crave for but good works we do for the benefit of every sentient being; Zoe and Dante have done a great job by helping the little Buddhas at Dechen phodrang. The happiness they see in face of the monks is going to enlighten Zoe. Bhutan need kids like Zoe and Dante who truly understands the true essence of life. Kudos to Zoe,Dante and Students of their former school in Amsterdam.

  3. Dhokdola

    Great job Zoe and Dante. You two have such a compassionate heart at such an early age. Unbelievable. Thank you very much for your kindness. You two are an absolute example for everyone. Kudos..

  4. Kinzang

    Its such a nobel initiative taken by two young but mentally matured kids to donate and help our young monks. Why is that Bhutan always have to depend on others for such things? We have so many rich Bhutanese and yet none of them have ever undertaken such deeds. It is really nice to see two kids raising money from their former school for a cause.
    Hats off kids, i wish i could do the same.

  5. Jigme Dorje

    “two teenage” . . . “aged seven and nine”
    Can you please explain? Thanks

  6. Ganglem

    Not just kids bhutan needs even grown ups who could think like them.We are short of selfless people even in the grown up categories except for H.H Je Khenpo and HM.
    If we look at the wealth of some people they are really very rich and this wealth is used mostly in showing off buying prado and those expensive cars, bows and clothes. but when it comes to doing something good for others they can’t even part with one chetrum. Our people only know how to pity.

  7. Kams

    Bhutan has many rich people but very few who are true Buddhist.

  8. Jabchorr

    May Almighty God bless you two with healthy and happy lives. We love you two and our prayers are with you two. Good kids do good things only.

  9. Tashi Tshering

    Thank you very much for the donations to our simple monks. we pray you for happy and long live. Tashi Delek. God Bless you…

  10. Tshela

    the lesson to be learnt from a minor foreigneer…cheers those two kids Zoe and Dante…and if the Bhutanese millionaire could come forward for the remaining dratshangs where there is no beds…

  11. david bhutan

    quite interesting part to know. happi life for two Dutch student…

  12. Silent Observer

    To Tshela only:
    As you comments, so far we haven’t seen any bhutanese millionaires BUT we are seeing Greedy-naires and Selfish-naires.

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