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Three detained for chorten vandalism

Jul 26, 2013

Chorten-VandalisedThe Police in Trashigang have detained three men over a series of chorten vandalism in Trashigang Dzongkhag. The three men have, apparently, vandalised eight chortens in Kangpara, Lumang and Khaling Gewogs between 2010 and 2013.

The Police have also managed to recover some zungs from the three suspects.

All three of them have confessed to the crime.  Police in Wamrong will charge sheet the case in Wamrong Dungkhag Court.

6 Comments for “Three detained for chorten vandalism”

  1. SNJ

    These people should be punished by leting them reconstruct the stupas from base on their own expenses.and later on after completion let them work at new lhakhang site like those prisoner granted fresh air until the completion of their prison term as per the judgement passed by court.

  2. Shayshebthongthong

    These people don’t deserve to be back to kangpara. Let them disclose more to join them where they will go.

  3. Kuenzang

    Bhutan is going to be rich n more happy after few more vandalism. Economy is booming, but minimum employment in rich economy. Sad is to say that people know how to live!

  4. Namtog Langsisi

    Is very sad news and wonder why this vandalism of religious structure is rampant in a country where we believe and have faith in Buddhism and its pure Dharma. What sort of people are they and we wonder why do they do this evil works. Can’t they work to earn a living for their livelihood in a good way of living? Who sort of society do this sort of works and why do they do this bad things.

  5. Cheten Duba

    These people should be jained for their life because these people actually do not have hearts when the country is well known as religious country. forget about being attracted by outsiders and there are attackers in side our home. will their family accept them back to the family even after the prison term as passed by the royal court of justice.

    SHAME ON YOU THEIVES!!! YOU ARE CUTTING YOUR OWN BODY AND TAKING OUT YOUR HEARTS if you think deeply. you are also killing the sentiments of thousands of other people.

  6. Dhogthab Zaygobay

    We wonder why all this sort of crimes which we consider a great sin in our beliefs by our dharma are increasing day after day. The hottest and latest news is ” THE SON DRIVING AWAY HIS OLD FATHER OUT OF HIS HOUSE”. Where is our happiness and peace of all sentient beings as we pray for. Are we (some of us) truely following the true dharma if it is so the cases and news we hear in a daily basis like these and that sorts.
    We are losing faith and trust by hearing and seeing the peoples’ acts of such evil things. Can anyone stop this things and make changes and bring improvement in people’s overall characters and rightful living. People are getting more naughty and corrupted in search of wealth, money, power, name and fame for ownselves and getting lost in the comforts and pleasures that they can buy by the money AND they forgets the rest good things.

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