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Social Capital Module for collective economic benefits

Jun 27, 2013

Social-Capital-ModuleSurrounding yourself with people will lead you to better lives and happiness as compared to people who stay aloof, so say the study called Social Capital Module. The module is prepared by the National Statistical Bureau (NSB). The study’s second stage analysis is complete and a consultative meeting with the stakeholders was held in the capital, today.

The Social Capital Module is expected to bring about collective economic benefits derived through cooperation between individuals and groups. Starting 2012, Social Capital Module was included in Bhutan Living Standard Survey to generate information that reflects the role of social capital in poverty alleviation, community well-being and happiness.

Lham Dorji, a researcher with NSB, said including social capital in the survey will help while drafting policies which in turn will help achieving sustainable development in line with the philosophy of Gross National Happiness.

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  1. Ante

    Social capital depends upon moral and intellectual capital. Only with such insight social capital will create value added. I have discovered that moral capital explains 85% of variance. Is it clear? Can it be applied now and here?

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