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Interim government not to pursue complaint against Bhutanomics

Jun 20, 2013

DPT--Interim-Govt--BhutanomicsThe interim government has decided not to pursue any course of action regarding DPT’s complaint against “Bhutanomics”. The interim government says this is pursuant to Article 19, Section 4 of the Constitution and Sections 37 and 44 of the Election Act.

Article 19, Section 4 of the Constitution states that the interim government shall carry out routine functions of the government but shall not be entitled to take any policy decisions or enter into any agreement with foreign governments or organisations.

Section 37 of the Election Act states the election commission shall in the performance of its functions to adjudicate any matter, have the powers of a court under the civil and criminal procedure code.

The power, it states, to summon and enforce the attendance of a person, requiring the production of any document and requisitioning any public record from any court or office.

Section 44 of the Act further states that a court shall not have the jurisdiction to question the legality of any action taken, or of any decision given by the election commission or its officers or by any other person appointed under the Act in connection with an election except upon receiving an election petition.

The complaint against Bhutanomics was made on June 11 by Druk Phuensum Tshogpa. In the letter, the Party had stated that the content on the website was, “dangerously divisive and seditious” intended to, “cause misunderstanding and rift among people along regional and communal lines.”

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  1. Nidup

    If whatever are written in Bhutanomics are true, which is sometimes too convincing, it is really a concern to people pf Bhutan.We never know what goes on behind the closed door at the capital but the posting on Bhutanomics are too disturbing and something has to be done soon.

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