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Slightly higher rainfall expected

May 27, 2013

Weather-ForecastA monsoon outlook from the Department of Hydro-Met Services forecast the second week of June as the expected start of monsoon. The outlook also forecasts the quantity of rainfall this year will be slightly higher than last year.

This information was based on statistical model output, observed moisture incursion of satellite images, atmospheric wind circulation and its advancement over the region. The monsoon, which comes from the Bay of Bengal as per the Outlook, will start from the south and advance towards the central and northern parts of the country.

8 Comments for “Slightly higher rainfall expected”

  1. tashi

    I think if you could present Bhutan map(shape) correctly, it will help our national security…

  2. Pema Choki T. Wangmo

    That is good news for the farmers of our country.

  3. Lungdhar

    BBS shod start showing this type of map on TV and present like other broadcaster doing will help our public,


    Yeah lungdhar, its good point raised by you because our many citizens are unaware of existing map of BHUTAN, good idea indeed.

  5. Sonam Tashi

    Thanks for you comments. For your kind information Meteorology Division, Department of Hydro Met Services is doing the weather forecasting job but not BBS. We will soon come up with the weather forecast presenter in near future. Hope this will help general public as whole in understanding regarding the Nowcasting, daily weather forecast and seasonal forecast. (Weather forecast Unit, Meteorology Division, DHMS, MoEA)

  6. bhutjolokia

    is it rainfall, or territory ? all so ironic.
    Sonam Tashi, i love you ! hope you will not get wet in the rainy season.

  7. Tex

    Please BBS come up with weather broadcasting presenter like other TV do! You can’t do it or is it something worthless? Or may be waiting for “”near”‘ future? 😛 I genuinely believe there are enough technical experts in BBS..Yeah lets do it and bring BBS to a step ahead…Regardz!

  8. Karma Namgay Sherpa

    I think the name of the places marked in the Bhutan Map are not clearly visible. Therefore it would be very helpful for us to view the name of the location & communicate about the weather forecast atleast in bit advance please.


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