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Will the real candidate please stand up?

May 24, 2013

Sonam Jatsho (Left) and Lobzang Dorji (Right)

The candidates of Druk Nyamrup Tshopa and Druk Chirwang Tshogpa of Gangzur-Minjey Constituency have put a complaint letter to the Election Office of Lhuentse against the former candidate of People’s Democratic Party, Sonam Jatsho.

The complainants said, Sonam Jatsho, who is not a registered member of PDP is confusing the voters by claiming he is the candidate of PDP from the constituency.

But PDP’s candidate for the constituency is 25-year-old Lobzang Dorji, who is also actively campaigning.

Sonam Jatsho, on the other hand told our reporter, Sonam Ugyen, that he is going to contest in the general round if the Party gets through primary. “That is why I am campaigning,” he said.

Since the Dzongkhag dispute settlement committee has been dissolved, the complaint letter has been forwarded to the Election Commission’s head office in Thimphu.

12 Comments for “Will the real candidate please stand up?”

  1. Mongggar

    Great that guy will take credit if PDP wins and run away if PDP lost in primary round. What a convenient excuse

  2. Surprised

    Candidate in Kuenselonline.com (kol) shows Sonam Jatsho, and ECB shows Lobzang Dorji, another case for PDP’s Mongar Const. in KOL Pema Wangdi (Former BKP candidate), ECB is Kesang Wangmo. We need to know who we are voting for.

    There could be more…

    Please KOL, you are one of the most informative source for Bhutanese outside. Plus most vote could have been based on candidates information from on your page. Votes could land up for the wrong person.

  3. Surprised

    .. Thanks BBS for bringing this out.

  4. truth

    Dear commissioner
    because of your liberality, PDP is taking advantage of you and also to the constitution. Here we came to know, he haven’t got candidate during the letter of intent, so he just misuse other candidates.
    I feel the most corrupted one is PDP. Lets have action on it other wise we believe that election commissioner is in favor of PDP.

    • lhajigs

      ya ECB shoud take action…but we can see this agay comissioner is standing still to see PDP and its corrupted party winning…please mam Deki Pem and Dasho Dago, take action in place of CE Commissioner

  5. nothing

    sonam jatsho is playing safe and lobsang is a bait….wow nice tricks …..heheehehe

  6. lhajigs

    if it is the case, why ECB had disqualified BKP? it must be the question and ECB, please stand on ur jurisdictions…atleast dont give them the chance to keep changing their aspiring candidates…even BKP would have done that way….
    indeed PDP is cruel enough to suck the blood of our country by deploying standby candidates…why the din manage 2-3 candidates for the whoe 47 constituency, they could have fulfilled ther half part of menifestoes by reducing the unemployment,
    haha…funny PDP and its leader, and their supporters…finally in confusion…

  7. Kurtoedpa

    Only cowards do this otherwise if one is nominated by the people then this incident have come up. PDP has lost the faith and confidence of many supports because of this. Who doesn’t know this disco Sonam always playing safe for personal gain at someone else expense. This time using Lopsang for primary round and then if PDP goes through the primary then he wants to be the candidate but if loses the primary then it Lopsang losing.

    ECB: Please wake up and do your work before PDP and people like disco Sonam takes you for a ride…

  8. Concerned youth

    As per this news,PDP seems corrupted party from the initials itself.So how can such party do in favour of Drukpas.Now i am sure that they wil sell our country if they gets selected as the ruling.THus people of drukyul let knock out this rotten apple from the starts itself before the disease spreads to other….More over the tricks playing by SJ is illegal as being the citizen ,cheating the people is very shameful.This candidate will not do good……..PDP need to jump out of the system like BKP(which is really good),IF not unfair in election act………………..

  9. Pelela Pharchey-Ngachey Sharchop

    Pelela Pharchey gi mitsher,
    We have to support by looking at the Party and Party President not going by all those kiddish promises that can’t even bait toddlers. I know we are the citizens who have worked in maintaining peace and sovereignty of our country, and we shall not falter in our pledge to do the same. Let’s all remain united and be wise to vote for the right party, i.e. DPT for this is only the party that is of integrity and dignity. Further, we need to see DPT complete their business.

  10. Udee

    ha ha ha. . Lets guess there is no third man at the end to take charge if they win
    this is similar for monger . Option is three contestant in same party. Good option to gather votes

  11. semsemla

    With Mr. Sonam Jatsho not contesting PDP is sure to win from upper Kurtoe. Just mark my words.

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