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Google volunteers teaching Bhutanese students

May 24, 2013

Google--Volunteer--READ-BhutanA team of volunteers from Google Asia Pacific are in the country to teach the Bhutanese students the usage of in-depth Google applications. About 100 students from Loselling Middle Secondary School are attending the training at READ Bhutan centre at Changjiji, Thimphu.

One of the volunteers, Edwin Tong, said it is important that the students catch up the pace of internet to be able to communicate since Bhutan is opening up to the internet world.

A Google employee, Ayaka Yamada, said the students are doing quite well. “I thought they won’t know about know to type and how they can use internet to search something…”

The Country Director for READ Bhutan, Thinley Choden, shared that such initiative is of immense help to the students. She said Google is the most important tool and a search engine used for any kind of research and information.

“They have different applications and platforms- they have Google search, gmail, you tube, Google hangout, Google maps. Everybody uses Google for everything- be it to search information, communication. We strongly believe Google will help them in their research, education and also to further their knowledge”.

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996. Google today has become one of the most widely used search engines in the history of internet.


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