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Those not in favour of common forum disrespecting public opinion: DNT

May 24, 2013

DNT-PressConfDuring the press conference on Tuesday, Druk Phuensum Tshogpa said common forums should be discontinued as it is becoming unpleasant. But Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa begs to differ. This was shared in a press conference yesterday afternoon.

Differing opinion from that of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s stand, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa said common forums are good platform for the parties to share their views with the public. DNT’s candidate, Dr. Lotay Tshering also mentioned that Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa firmly believes that the common forum is a good way of practicing democracy in the country. He said it is not right for any political parties to voice their opinion to discontinue the common forums are being organised by election commission.

“So we strongly feel that those who are not in the favour of common forums are disrespecting the opinion of public and disrespecting the events organised by ECB. That way, we also strongly feel they are also undermining the free and fair elections.”

Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa has also written to the Election Commission to reorganise the common forum for the people of South Thim Thromde. The earlier one which was held on Tuesday at the Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School saw only a few people.

“We were shocked to see that the hall was empty. Nobody turned up and as we waited for ten to fifteen minutes, a few people including Thrompon came. But nobody came other than our party supporters. We were surprised.” Dr.Lotay Tshering said they have written to ECB to reorganise the common forum.

The common forums in all the constituencies should end by Tuesday.

6 Comments for “Those not in favour of common forum disrespecting public opinion: DNT”

  1. rohngf

    for the sake of arguing with DPT, u can say anything but the fact is, existing format of common forum particularly for NA is useless….For NC, yes it is good. For NA, present system of repeating party objectives, philosophies bla blaaa…by 47 candidates is utterly useless…Instead, make it interactive question -answer session with audiences… Audience should also include civil servants so that tough questions can be asked to candidates…

  2. Zung

    I support Dr. Lotay for his comments. So please keep up la.

  3. Bamin55

    Common forum is noticed important forum to know the capability of individual, manifesto and many mandates of the party. So I comment it is very necessary as Dr. Lotey said. Another is that civil servants are upset with the policy of ECB that restricts to observe the forum and have to resort in TV only.

  4. truth

    the mistake is all with DNT, so no point of talking here Dr. Lotay

  5. OM Mani

    Druk Nyamrup Tsogpa is not doing sincere campaigning instead they are trying to instigate common people by saying people’s government, government that which people will not afraid and etc. etc. and the repeated statement of lam khajam (we have reached a cross road), and nyamchumg. Hearing all these statement, I am fed up now.
    How is afraid of the past government, I mean DPT? No body was afraid and DPT was always people’s government and we have just finished 1 terms of democracy. How can they say we have reached the cross road? All these flashy and sentimental words to garner votes of common people.

    In fact, if one sees carefully, most of the DNT candidates are truly egoistic forget about Nyamchung. So we better be careful if we want our country to be govern by true leader and dynamic leader than to be governed by so called Nyamchung and egoistic people

  6. Druk gi mee

    Dun worry all parties la. Nw all da ppl know whom to chose. Din u c the results of NC?. Dat means ppl know who is doing good mena. No use of quarreling coz..pple know very well now. And my request is dun blame the parties to each other as after all votes are in da hand of people not in the hands of animals. No use please… dun blame each other please…Both DPT & PDP has done very gud job in 5 yrs wai. Dun blame… GOD sees da truth but waits…..

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