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23rd Paro Penlop’s house turned into Heritage farmhouse

Apr 27, 2013

Paro-PEnlop-Dawa-Penjor-MusuemThe house of Paro Penlop, Dawa Penjor, has been turned into a Heritage farmhouse.  It was inaugurated, today. The 18th century farmhouse of the 23rd Paro Penlop will have on display his sword and shield, and other historical and religious artifacts.

The house has an arts and handicrafts gallery, and will be offering food and lodging, as well. Stone bath facilities will be available to guests.Paro-PEnlop-Dawa-Penjor-Musuem.,gif

The heritage house opens to the public, tomorrow. Students will be allowed to visit free of cost, while other visitors will have to pay Nu. 80 per visit.







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  1. Tshering Dema

    It is a very good initiative to have such historical sites where by the people from within and outside, especially the students who cl have an experience and live in the past. 🙂

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