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Health Insurance for civil servants pursuing higher studies in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand

Apr 25, 2013

RICBL+-RCSCCivil servants pursuing higher studies in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand will soon be insured under the RICBL’s Student’s Health Insurance Scheme.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to this effect was signed today between RCSC and RICBL.

Under the MoU, the civil servants can avail prompt medical services from the hospitals in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand that are affiliated with RICBL. The RICBL is affiliated with over 4,000 hospitals in these three countries.

Currently there are over 100 civil servants studying overseas.

3 Comments for “Health Insurance for civil servants pursuing higher studies in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand”

  1. kencho

    Someone has to either die or about to die,then only this card will work in India.Seriously i haven’t appreciated the initiative.I have still a chronic cough(almost went on for 4 years),and i am doubting if i have serious lungs problems or some complications internally.I wanted to get myself checked up here in india,yet i cannot use it.Everybody cannot use it infact..In Thimphu referal hospital,Doctors will neva check the patient who doesn’t look serious.I have been to it for several times,couldn’t get a check.Everywhere sucks!

  2. kencho

    My college too has a provision, uptil rs.50,000.Seriously it is not for me.I am about to get done with my course,still i haven’t claim a penny either from GOI-fund ,nor RICBL insurance.What infact this medical card has done a big damage to us is neither we can claim the medical cliams from GOI-fund,nor we cannot use this sucking card.Only thing you will land up is,i pay from my pocket.Just for a simple check up,Rs.3500,if you do a ultrasound,you will have to pay Rs.2000.Just see who is going to bear the losses we suffer just because of this card!

  3. Crows

    Health Insurance for civil servants pursuing higher studies? ridiculous news to end my day. Studying? The scheme is a laughing stock. RICBL should have done some research on the Bhutanese antics abroad. They rent an apartment and drink heavily gallons of whisky brought from homeland is what people describe of Bhutanese esp by Indian. I am ashamed. Bhutanese don’t study at all. If there is an event, they make 100 % percent attendance but for regular class, always finds an excuse. I am a Bhutanese citizen doing my higher studies and feels grieved to read this news.

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