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NC endorses Alternative Dispute Resolution

Feb 25, 2013

NC_ADR-BIllThe National Council today endorsed the Alternative Dispute Resolution Bill of Bhutan 2013.  The 19 members present, voted for the bill. The bill was endorsed by the Assembly, last week. It was then forwarded to the National Council for deliberation.

The Act is expected to reduce the time and costs of the disputes settlement. It includes the dispute resolution processes through which disputing parties come to an agreement without having to resort to litigation.

The Act will also lead to the establishment of a centre called Bhutan Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre.

The National Council had also unanimously endorsed the Road Bill on Wednesday. The bill, first of its kind, will address issues related to construction and maintenance of roads in the country.

Another purpose of bill is to promote participation of private sector through public-private partnership in construction, maintenance and management of roads. Giving authority to the department of roads and relevant stakeholders to enable them to perform their duties in construction, maintenance and safety of the roads is also the objective of the bill.


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