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Home Minister must be held responsible, ACC rebuts

Jan 9, 2013
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As the then Monggar Dzongda, the Home Minister, Minjur Dorji, had knowingly and intentionally allotted plots to those who are not eligible, according to the ACC’s rebuttal statement. “He must be held responsible,” it reads.

The Anti-Corruption Commission submitted its rebuttal statement against Lyonpo Minjur Dorji to the Monggar district court, today.

The Home Minister, as the then Monggar Dzongda, is accused of allotting land to Kharchu and Dramitse Dratsang and a private individual, illegally in Gyalpoizhing in 2005. He has been charged for official misconduct with criminal intention, under section 294 of the Bhutan Penal Code.

Refutting the claims, the  Home Minister’s legal council, said the allotment was done according to the law and the charges against the Minister should be dropped.

Also, in Lyonpo’s statement to the court on January 3, Lyonpo refuted the charges pressed against him by the Anti-Corruption Commission.

The Home Minster’s legal council will rebut ACC’s statement on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Speaker Jigme Tshultim, also submitted his second rebuttal statement against the Anti-Corruption Commission to the Monggar District Court today.

Tshogpon once again refuted all the charges pressed against him by the ACC and pleaded not guilty.

The Speaker in today’s statement reiterated that all the plot allotments were done according to the law. He once again asked the constitutionality and locus standi of the case and if the ACC’s Act can be applied retrospectively.

The Gyalpoizhing land case, the Speaker added, is aimed at hampering the reputation of his Party and the institution of democracy.

Tshogpon Jigme Tshultim, as then the Monggar Dzongda and the Chairman of the Gyalpoizhing plot allotment committee, is accused of forgery, deceptive practice, sale of government land and illegal registration of government land.

The Anti-Corruption Commission will rebut the Speaker’s statement on Monday.

Hearings for the committee members are also being conducted simultaneously. Around 18 committee members are being charged for official misconduct. As a committee member then, they are all charged for not carrying out their responsibilities diligently. Around four to six hearings on Gyalpoizhing land case are being held at the Monggar district court on a daily basis.



7 Comments for “Home Minister must be held responsible, ACC rebuts”

  1. Ongdi

    In a democratic society, say USA, office bearers whose salaries and parks are paid from the tax revenues that are collected from people and resources of people, the accused office bearer stand down from the office for the greater and strategic purpose of the common people and the constitution.
    These accused people do not use their office, political bodies, to backstop in concealing crimes and in fabricating unjust rhetoric.

    The result of such ownership of one’s behavior has brought enormous development to individuals,
    institution, society, economy, innovation, and most of all respect due to their high level of capacity to deliver results for their citizens. This has not only earned the name of super power nation in the world today, but enabled the society to evolve from going to moon, exploring galaxy, lay digital cables under
    water bodies, develop supersonic jets that will travel at the sped of light very soon, understand the tiniest of forces of electron that create force for gravitational pull.

    But here we have a speaker, officer bearer, using all the methods which belong for the benefit of each and every citizen of this country, to shield himself for the things that he did not do right. No wonder, we will not be able to do anything damn right to enable our citizens stand shoulder to shoulder with people of other countries in terms of any cognitive challenges. No wonder, we cannot even provide opportunity to every one of our 700k population, while other countries with over 240 million can provide equal opportunities for growth and enhancements. No wonder, we are no better than any damn lower than average intelligent humans on this damn planet.

    People in Bhutan cannot afford to live like this anymore. We need to think as people in the globe is thinking 24/7 on how to bring progress in life on this planet. We need leaders, office bearers who can dream big and lead big vision for the country’s people.

    Enough of people like speaker and home minister.

  2. dorji

    If ACC is right and has prove, please help ACC. If home minister and others are right, finish the case soon for the sake of all people. And show us good examples for future generations. Not power and prejudices to the society.

  3. scale

    this is the interpretation of justice by our high court(infact judiciary system).

  4. Bangchung

    Thumbs-up Ongdi. I’ve been waiting for a person like you to raise intellectual concerns over the socioeconomic development of Bhutan.

  5. Bhutan glory

    I totally believe with you Ongdi, while there is lot of story going on between ACC and those involved in Gyelposhing land case, Lets remember folks that the ordinary and all most all Bhutanese is watching the game.
    We are not interested in what the story is and what is going on each day in the court. NOt so crazy about the rebuttal and the headlines of the news each day.They can say anything they like before the court.
    What we are interested at the end of the day is the out come of the case. The case is already on light and Kudos to ACC for their fantastic job. Lets never assume that the puplic are innocent, they knows who is wrong in this case.
    Having said that, we will wait and see where the drama takes, and only will we be able to tell how strong is our judiciary is. People will learn lot from this show about everything.Thanks guys.

  6. boldwang

    ACC has done a very good job. please go ahead and you have all the support from all bhutanese citizens who have great concern for their country. please donot let the big fishes to go out of your hand if they are proven guilty from what you have investigated.

  7. sandoz

    ACC will be at receiving end. This people are so corrupted that it seems they have their roots in our judiciary system. I think 2013 should give them the reply and revoke all the cases after that.

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