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DDC’s attempt to promote National Language

Nov 23, 2012

The Dzongkha Development Commission (DDC) conducted  an awareness presentation on the importance of preserving and promoting the national language in Bumthang today.

The lecturers, staff and students of the Ugyen Wangchuk Environment and Forestry Institute in Bumthang attended the presentation.

DDC’s Secretary, Dasho Sherub Gyeltshen, said though English makes one skilful and competent, Dzongkha Rigzhung literatures render the true service to the nation.

However he said  there are limited numbers of books published in Dzongkha which makes promotion of the language difficult.

“If we have to promote Dzongkha we need to read a lot, but the fact is there are varieties of books in English and hardly any in Dzongkha.”

Dasho said they are planning to provide three dictionaries to each student in the country.

DDC has already completed the works for the Dzongkha to Dzongkha and Dzongkha to English dictionaries and children electronic dictionaries.

The soft copies are ready. The commission will start distributing the dictionaries to schools as soon as they have budget in place.

DDC has completed presentations in 19 Dzongkhags and has plans to complete the rest of the relevant schools and institutes.

The Commission started this program on September 2010.




6 Comments for “DDC’s attempt to promote National Language”

  1. DDC should force all the office to do their official correspondence in dzongkha.

  2. anaatakota

    Heartiest appreciation to the team of DDC for performing a great task in making Dzongkha with brighter halo as a National language, may your endeavor flourish with success in times to come.

    Presently, the plight of Dzongkha is getting dimmed with the new era, where younger generations takes more pride to speak English than the national language. We really need to uphold its value and identity. It is really a greater challenge for the DDC to find many ways and means to make it more vibrant as you are pursuing.

    I would like to suggest from the layman point of view, of course you must be doing or having plans. How about translating many english version interesting books to dzonghha version with prior approval from the concerned authors or publishers to attract younger generation to read it, simultaneously advertising in the media to make the public aware to make it more accessible.

    Till then good luck to DDC, hope and pray you would reap success under such a dynamic leader…

  3. Extra Layreem

    It would be thankful if winter vacation program for learning extra Dzongkha for students who are interested to learn during their vacation is there in every winter holidays so that we get some more time to learn and gain our Dzongkha Language. We feel that only the opportunities and the time we get to learn any subject makes differences in our language vacabulory. We have seen that most of the students lack reading Dzongkha plus neither they give more time and importance to Dzongkha subject. Otherwise, our youths are very inteligent in learning everything.

  4. Nagla Dorjee

    We want our schoolgoing children to learn Dzongkha during this winter vacation and in every winter holidays to gain more knowledge of our language. Where can we find one good place to do so even by paying some service charges to the organizars and lopons. We want to speak and write more in our own langauge. So give us time and place opportunities to learn more please.

  5. cream

    DDC should publish subjects like histories, geography, mathematics in Dzongkha. This is what they do in Japan or Korea, if not check out in european countries. The science itself is in their own language. They only learn english in particular english subject. I wonder why we are being taught other subjects in engish. Please work it out and lets be a country that pays less attention to English.

  6. Penjor

    It is damn funny to see Bhutanese learning English right from childhood as though we are from England or USA. Lets be Drukpa, wake up. Everything should be in Dzongkha except for englsih class

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