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Think about reaping benefits from hydropower projects: PM

Nov 22, 2012

The Prime Minister, Jigmi Y.Thinley, arrived in Zhemgang on Tuesday. On his way, the Prime Minister visited Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Project.

The Managing Director of the Project assured Lyonchhoen that the project will be complete before the deadline in 2017.

In a meeting with the community and the sector heads of Zhemgang, Lyonchhoen talked about a new plan of constructing 770 Megawatt Hydroelectric Project in Zhemgang.

He also said it is time the people thought about reaping benefits from the project.

Lyonchhoen is on a week-long tour to some of the remote places in Zhemgang.

3 Comments for “Think about reaping benefits from hydropower projects: PM”

  1. yaktsap

    Reaping the benefits from the hydropower project, who is going to reap? only the high level can reap, .not the poor people,

  2. KISA

    There is too much government spending already – at once. In fact, excess government spending is the main cause of the ruppe crunch. The government should think about staggering the ongoing investment as well.

    The simultaneous spending for Mangdechu and Puna Tsang Chu has pulled in most of the government revenue, such projects also cause private funds to drain since private individuals and firms would take up loan or invest to provide services to these projects like hiring of vehicles or machineries. And where do we buy the machineries from – outside the country.

    The government should wait till the projects are making money before they invest again.

    In this way, same vehicles and machineries can be used to hire out to the next project instead of causing mad rush to buy a lot (causing money drain) at once.

    Shouldn’t they stop Mangdechu Project till Puna Tsang Chu completes? If you start Zhemgang, Bhutan would be using the last of emergency foreign reserve and regretting that we ever had democracy.

  3. cream

    Zhemgang needs lot of land kidus…need to look into by gup then forwad it

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