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276 families to be affected by Amochhu project

Oct 29, 2012

About 276 families will be affected by the upcoming Amochhu Hydropower Project.  For many of them, it is the land substitution and compensation that they are worried about. This was expressed during a consultative meeting organised today between the stakeholders and the affected households from five Gewogs of Samtse and Chhukha Dzongkhags.

The Amochu Hydropower project will require close to 5,200 acres of land. Of these, a little over 500 belong to 276 families from the five Gewogs of Chukha and Samtse. The five Gewogs are Phuentsholing and Logchina of Chhukha and Dophuchen, Tading and Denchukha of Samtse.

Considering the not so effective land substitution and compensation status in other hydro power project areas in the country, the affected villagers said government should provide them with land substitution and compensation before taking ownership of their land.

“If our land substitute could be provided before, then it would be convenient for us as we don’t have to run from pillar to post for compensation at a later stage,” said one of the affected families.

Answering to this, the Chhukha Dzongrab, Pema Dorji said the Project being time bound must start as scheduled to avoid any negative repercussions on the project. “The project is not just our government’s undertaking. It involves stakeholders from outside the country as well. That’s how we should see.”

For some, it was a question of uniform land compensation rates and for others it was about assuring timely substitution and compensation.

To ensure speedy compensation and substitution, the Dzongkhag has already streamlined the procedures. The Dzongrab said a committee including representatives from the affected villages would be involved in identifying government land from where the land substitution would be provided. He added that affected people would be informed at the earliest.

Some also expressed concerns over the fate of the Lhop community of Dophuchen Gewog in Samtse. The project, they said, would endanger the age old tradition and culture of the Lhops. However, the Gup, Chandra Prasad Phuyel, said he discussed the issue with the people and they have no problem in re-settling. “Had it been one or two households there could have been some problems but they are being moved as one community with 35 households. I don’t think it will be a problem,” he added.

Costing over Nu. 43 million, the project is expected to begin next year and to take about five and half years to complete.

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  1. Get No Happiness

    Better get substitute land first and then move, the govt is very tricky once u move then substitute land will be allotted at th convenience of the govt, moreover, 2013 election is coming, DPT will never win, and if land is not allotted before that then the new govt may not do anything.

    Indian business partners might pressure dpt coz they r also scared that the new govt might ask more demand or total new demand.

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