Aspiring NC candidate’s cousin fined for violating Election Act in Punakha

The District Dispute Settlement Body in Punakha has warned and asked the cousin of Toebisa Gewog’s aspiring NC candidate to pay a fine equivalent to 120 days of the national wage rate. The decision was passed yesterday. According to the District Dispute Settlement Body, the cousin violated the Election Act, rules and regulations and Election guidelines.

Similarly, six people of Rinakha village were also warned for accepting green net. They were asked to refrain from receiving such gifts during the election period.

Meanwhile, according to the resolution, there is no evidence that the cousin is either a supporter or a representative of the elected candidate. Therefore, it states that the result of the elected candidate could not be nullified as petitioned by Dechen Thaiye who lost the election.

Following the Dhamngoi Dzomdu, Dechen Thaiye from Siluna village, lodged a complaint with the district’s Dispute Settlement Body alleging that the cousin of the selected candidate offered bribes of green net to the public two days before the Dhamngoi Dzomdu. He also alleged that the same individual had persuaded voters on the way to Dzomdu.

During the investigation, the cousin of the selected candidate denied the allegation saying that a total of Nu 10,000 was offered to the Lam of a temple in Thinleygang as lunch and Chhak-Gyeb. He said he gave away green nets to six people as gratitude.

Meanwhile, both parties are planning to appeal to the ECB’s Election Dispute Settlement Center.

The District Dispute Settlement Body allows parties who are not satisfied with the decision to appeal further to the Election Dispute Settlement Centre within five days.

Changa Dorji, Punakha

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