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15 new city buses for Thimphu Thromde

Oct 3, 2012

To address the ever increasing traffic congestion and provide efficient and timely transport services to the people, Bhutan Post Corporation (BPC) launched 15 new city buses for Thimphu Thromde today.

“The buses will be of immense help especially during the Pedestrian day,” said the Managing Director of Bhutan Post, Tseten Geltsen.

Bhutan Post Corporation said the buses are made in China and have good facilities like comfortable seats.

The Managing Director said unless they have attractive public transport, people will keep refraining from traveling in public transport. “It has to be efficient, it has to be safe and more than anything else it has to be reliable,” said Tseten Geltsen.

To further improve efficiency, BPC has plans to introduce prepaid card system . A total of 34 buses including the 15 new buses will provide transport services in and around Thimphu Thromde.

Procurement rules followed

Earlier, when the tendering was done for the procurement of the buses, some of the bidders had alleged that the Bhutan Postal Corporation did not follow the procurement rules.

BPC refuted the allegation and said the tendering was done according to the procurement rules.

The Managing Director said BPC followed all the norms mentioned in the procurement manual. “I was quite shocked to find out that they were trying to link this procurement with the present political, the ruling party. For us, what we do is an open tender.” He said the tender for the procurement of the buses was awarded to those vehicle dealers who have valid trade licenses and are authorized to import and sell vehicles

Bhutan Postal Corporation began to operate and manage city buses since 2002.




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  1. Tshering Sam NYC

    Wow Thimphu is getting better each and every day with lots of new things happening…. Nice city transportation bus ..like in New York the city which never sleep, also runs 24/7 transportation buses service each and every corner of the city… Bhutan is not very far to become same like New York..I can see that….

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