Monggar town in need of public toilet

Having access to clean, safe public restrooms is vital for personal and public health. But with the six-unit public toilet closed since August last year, people in the Monggar town area have been forced to relieve themselves in the nearby houses or behind the bushes. Considering this, local leaders of Monggar during the recent Dzongkhag Tshogdu proposed the construction of a public toilet.

The local leaders of Monggar proposed the construction of a public toilet near the hospital area. The Monggar Gup raised that the town area is cramped and it doesn’t have enough space to construct a public toilet.

“Without a proper public toilet, some people under the influence of alcohol defecate in an open space which is unhygienic,” said Thangrong Gup, Changa.

“It is important to identify a site to construct the public toilet. The local leader of Monggar has proposed to construct a public toilet on the Monggar hospital premise. So, we are hopeful that the hospital administration won’t deny our proposal,” said Balam Gup, Tshewang Dorji.

The six-unit public toilet located at the Youth Development Centre was closed for maintenance. But it has continued to remain closed even after the completion of its renovation. And without a public toilet, it has been difficult for people, especially the vendors.

“We visit toilets in the restaurants while going to drink tea and eat food. We have no proper toilet in the town. Without a proper public toilet, we cannot maintain cleanliness. So, it is challenging without a proper toilet,” said Sethra, a vendor in the Monggar town area.

“We have to go to the temporary toilet located on the public ground. Though we have one toilet located in the youth centre, it is not enough for us. We would be grateful if the district administration could construct a few washrooms for the vendors in the vegetable market,” said Leki, another vendor.

“Without a proper public toilet, shops and restaurants in Monggar town do not allow us to use their toilet due to lack of water. So, we have to spend the whole day without visiting the washroom,” said Tashi, a vendor.

The Dzongkhag Tshogdu decided to identify a space near the hospital area for toilet construction in the next financial year.

Meanwhile, for people’s convenience, the district administration is soon planning to open the six-unit public toilet by appointing a caretaker on a trial basis.

Monggar town has a population of close to 5,000 people.

Sonam Tshering, Monggar

Edited by Sonam Pem

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